Let’s break through your fears & barriers to create authentic online engagement through the power of video!

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Next challenge starts – 29 October 2018

Do you have an online business with little or no pipeline?


Are you struggling to build engagement via social media?


Does the thought of recording your face & voice and circulating it to the world terrify you.


If you answered yes to the above, I promise you I understand! I have been there too. Too scared to put myself out there for fear of what people would think.


Well the great thing is – this challenge is most certainly for you. 


Video is one of the most successful mediums for engaging with our customers and building our tribe. BUT it can be one of the biggest hurdles to overcome…




“Thank you so much for putting together this fantastic course and for all the time you have put into it.

I am already seeing huge changes in the way I view myself!”


I just wanted to say, although I felt a little flaky undertaking my videos at first and had to do  1, 2 maybe 3 video-takes for my first 1 or 2 videos, being challenged to do them every day in a ‘safe’ space was ok, you know!  

When you start to do them and really think about your content in a way that is about things that you know, and that are things that are true to your heart and is passionate to you, then you can start to speak for England.. When you start to forget about yourself and think about what you are talking about and who you are talking to, then you can lose yourself and this course makes you do that..

Charlotte, you made me realise this, you made me do this – thank you!

The Challenge brings you out of yourself, it makes you lose yourself, lose your fear and brings your inner self to the forefront.  It’s brilliant!

Ang Brown

Let’s support each other to break through our fears, barriers and create authentic engagement online through video.


Join me for this 2 week interactive online challenge where you will:

  • Overcome your fear of putting yourself out there

  • Feel empowered to share your own authentic message

  • Master the key steps to creating a perfect video

  • Discover how your story can be leveraged to engage with clients and build your network

  • Build authentic & key relationships with other business owners in the same boat

I thought the visibility challenge was a great way to help people like me, who always avoid being at the centre of attention. 

There were some great tips on avoiding all the umms and errs and looking at the camera not the screen! The challenges were really interesting and helped with other areas of running my business too. 

As the days went by I felt less apprehensive about making the videos and would definitely feel more confident to make a video for my website now. As always, Charlotte was very supportive, giving great feedback and encouraging people to focus on their strengths. 

Many thanks for involving me in this fabulous Challenge Charlotte!

Rachel x

Rachel McMorrow

Entrust VA Limited

What a fantastic challenge Charlotte has created here!

I loved doing the videos and even learnt how to upload a video privately to YouTube! 

I would definitely recommend this both as a way to get more confident but also to think about your business and the direction you are going in – I felt it was a great opportunity to review and reflect on where I had come from and where I am going. 

Thank you Charlotte – if anyone is thinking of signing up to this challenge, you wont’ regret it!

Sarah x

Sarah Banks

Banks Business Solutions

Let’s Get Visible!

A word from Charlotte


“Video is most definitely the way forward. Posts on social media with video on gain 10 times the engagement than posts with text alone.

Business is built on relationships. When we meet people face to face we can immediately connect, trust and build rapport. When marketing online we have to try to replicate that through the power of written word, imagery and video. 

Mastering how to put together, create and use video to build your tribe and your business is one of the most essential tools online businesses need.

I’m not saying it is easy, but I will help you work through your fears and barriers one step at a time.”