The Vault

Welcome to your exclusive vault, built just for you and jam-packed full of tools & templates to aid you and your business!

Covid-19 Support Pack

Budgeting During a Crisis

Use our easy budget planner to review your business and personal budgets and ensure that you can manage your cashflow effectively. 

Email for Current Clients

Check-in with your current clients and offer them some tips to get through this difficult time using this email template. 

Email for Past/Prospective Clients

Check-in and nurture the relationships with your past and prospective clients during the coronavirus crisis using this template. 

Crisis Time Chunk Planner

Use this planner to time chunk your own and your families time so that you can work as efficiently as possible despite all of the distractions at home. 

Free Training

If things are quiet now is a great time to focus on some training, here are our recommendations for FREE training courses and challenges. 


Business Plan Guide

Create your easy to follow personalised business plan with our guidelines and suggested inclusions here. Stay focussed and on track!

Monthly Focus Planner

Use our ready to populate template to plan your priorities for the yearly, monthly and weekly basis.  

Suggested Tools for VA Businesses

Looking to ensure your business is running like a well oiled machine? Take a look at our list of tools to get you there!

To Do List

Still keen on a paper to do list?  I hear you. Use our simple and effective to do list template to mark down your tasks and priorities as well as having the joy of ticking them off once done!

Time Chunk Planner

Need to increase productivity?  Time chunking is a tried and tested method for ensuring you are working as smartly as possible. Our planner helps you work out what you need to do and when.

Event Checklist

Running an event for your client or for yourself? We have taken the guess work out of things and pulled together a checklist so you can focus on making the event a huge success!

Proposition Pyramid

Do you have clarity on your propositions within your business and the customer journey? We make it super simple with our guidelines here…


Top 30 Blog Titles for VAs

Struggling to come up with attention-grabbing content ideas for your blog?  We have taken the guesswork out of it for you and have the top 30 blog titles right here for you to use and generate interest right now…

Nail Your Ideal Client

It all starts in business with your clients – make sure you are clear on your ideal client with our handy exercise.

Marketing Planner

Map out your content for the year and simplify your marketing with our easy-to-use planning template.


Invoicing Template

Start as you mean to go on – if you aren’t using a cloud based accounting system, our template will ensure you create simple, effective invoices for your clients.

Hourly Rate Calculator

Work out how much you want to charge for your skills, expertise & experience using our done-for-you rate calculator.

Chasing Unpaid Invoices Template

Oustanding payments from a client?  Our handy email template will help you know what to say to ensure the monies owed are paid.


Client Discovery Call Script

Everything you need to speak effectively with your potential clients and bring them on board!

Client Consultation Form

Want to capture all the relevant information you can about a client? Our form contains all the areas you need to cover off – easy!

Client Proposal Template

Looking to nail that proposal and win your client? We have done the hard work for you!

Fool-proof Follow up Process

Potential client gone quiet? It can be hard to know what to do in that situation. Our follow up process is one we have used for six years to ensure that we nurture potential clients successfully into paying clients.

Client Onboarding Checklist

Be ready to onboard your client, and know exactly what you need in place with our handy checklist.

Client Onboarding Pack

Get your new client on board in the smoothest, easiest and most professional way!  Outline your way of working so that you are both clear.

New Client Profiling Questionnaire

Gather all of the necessary information you need on your new client in order to start working with them asap as efficiently as possible!

Client Review Form

Time for that essential client review? Use our handy template to ensure you can focus on the growth of your relationship, serving your clients needs and gaining a testimonial!

Rate Increase Email Template

Email your clients and effectively and easily inform them of your forthcoming rate increases – stress free!

Client Feedback Request Template

Testimonials are hugely important – but how to ask for them? Our email template takes the guess work away!

Client Feedback Form

Ensure you gain the best and most constructive feedback from your clients using our pre-built form.

Firing a Client Template

Client/VA relationships don’t always work out – our email template helps you take control and end the relationship professionally and with grace.

Growing Your Team

Associate Hiring Questions

Unsure of what to ask a potential Associate when looking to grow your team?  We take the guess work out and give you the most useful questions to give you the insight you need.

New Associate Checklist

Looking to find the right Associate VA for your business? Use our handy checklist to ensure that getting the right person in place is a breeze.

Associate VA Handbook

Growing your business with Associate VAs?  Make sure you are all on the same page & able to work smoothly together with our suggested handbook.


Trademark Infringement Letter Template

Aware that someone is in breach of using your Trademark?  Our letter template ensures you can begin to resolve the issue as smoothly as possible.

Copywright Infringement Email Template

Discovered someone is using your website copy or IP?  Our email template helps you to resolve things positively and have the infringement removed.

Anti-Money Laundering Policy Example

Offering financial services including bookkeeping and invoicing? Follow our example policy to make sure you and your clients are protected.

Professional Contracts Checklist

We all know having a robust contract in place ensures that both you and your clients are protected and that clear boundaries are put in place. Here is our checklist of what those contracts should contain…

Website Terms of Use

Whilst not legally required, we highly recommend that your website includes terms of use and this template will make it really easy for you to get these onto the site. Not only do they protect your content but they can also be used to limit your liability should a visitor take action if they find an inaccuracy on your site. 

Other tools

Healing Dealing & Letting Go

Move on from difficult business situations in a positive way, using our tried and tested method.

Minute Taking Template

This template has been produced in a fully editable format so that you can use it at all meetings you attend.  Just add agenda items as necessary!

Our Ultimate Networking Guide

Yup, sorry to say, no matter how terrified you are of networking, it will have to be part of your business strategy in some form. The good news is with our networking guide, you’ll feel calm, confident and in control of what you want to say, and be able to focus on the relationship.