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After considering the transition from EA to VA it was a chance meeting with Charlotte at an EPAA event that led me to her as a trainer over any other!  Her style of training has really suited me. The dread of having so much to learn has been daunting - her humour and honesty within the masterclass has made the journey feel achievable.

If you are thinking of setting up a VA business, don't hesitate to book onto the training - this really is the best training I have done in a long time (not just as a potential VA!) and it is clear that Charlotte has thought about everything we would need to think about in order to be a successful VA! Thank you Charlotte!

I would also recommend 1:1 coaching to further support the learning if owning/running a business is completely new to you or if you are lacking in confidence.

Claire Grace, FEPAA

The Assistant Quarters

I am often asked by new or aspiring VAs for my insight into how to get started and always suggest that, before they do anything else, to find APVA to connect with the amazing community. I was introduced to APVA very early on in my VA journey and it made a profound impact on my business and general mindset over-night. APVA is head and shoulders above the rest of the pack in leading the way on transforming the VA industry and raising both the profile of VAs but also the standard that clients should expect. As a member, I am privileged to have even more access to business coaching, master-class tutorials on anything from GDPR through to imposter syndrome, client matching opportunities and incredible discounts on services, plus I get to chat, collaborate, share success and ask for guidance/support with some of the most inspiring, collaborative, intelligent and professional business owners I have ever encountered - I display my APVA Founding Members badge with pride and honour.

Lucy Messaritis

Founder, Nixon Executive Support

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