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APVA graduates earn at least £2,000 more than any other UK training course and at least £6,000 more than VAs with no training.

Source: UK VA National Survey v8 2017 – SVA

Start your VA business with our industry-leading training!

Now CPD Approved, so not only do you get fantastic training but you will also receive 60 CPD points! If you are looking for a Virtual Assistant Certification, the APVA Nurture Programme could be a great option for you.

“I am so glad that I found Charlotte, APVA and the training they offer.

Leaving full-time employment and becoming self-employed could have been so daunting but taking part in their Nurture programme has given me everything that I need to feel ready to launch my virtual assistant business.

Charlotte is always on hand to help and has created such a wonderful community of like-minded business owners, always there to support each other.

If you are unsure about whether you should invest your money in their training, I can’t recommend the training & Charlotte highly enough, you won’t regret it!”

Sarah Davey, A VA to Save Your Day

“I would highly recommend this programme to any aspiring VAs. There’s such a lot of information out there on setting up as a VA and starting your own business – the Nurture Programme takes it all and consolidates it into manageable, bite-size chunks.

You may, like me, have experience working as a corporate EA, but setting up your own VA business is a whole other thing.  Charlotte ‘virtually’ held my hand the whole way and I’m now fully set up with client enquiries coming my way! The support from the APVA community is also totally invaluable – with monthly Nurture Calls, expert VAs on hand to give advice and reassurance and the FB groups to network with your peers.

The Nurture Programme helped direct my time and energy and as a result, I’ve set up must faster than I anticipated. The programme also helps to ensure you follow industry best practices by having the correct legal and operational requirements in place to function as a reliable and reputable business.

A superb and highly professional programme, it will add great value to your business!”

Kitty Fairbairn, Aspen VA Services

I started some life coaching a few months back to look at what I wanted to do with my time now that my kids were at school.

I was very keen on becoming a VA and using some of my past career skills.

I was put in touch with a lovely VA who recommended APVA as I wanted to find a suitable course to get me on the right path.

The course is very well structured, you can do it at your own pace and Charlotte and her team have been so supportive and positive.

The facebook community is incredibly helpful too and a great source for any stumbling blocks or areas where you may need further help.”

Sonya Cook

Well, hello there!

I hear you want to have a successful career on your terms? You want to create a life that gives you the balance you crave between family, career and personal growth.

You want to build your authentic online business supported by a community of existing high performing business owners and a dedicated coach to help you every step of the way.


Our introductory online business training, the VA Foundation Course gives you everything (and we mean everything) you need to get started with your online business and structure it for success on your terms.

We go much deeper than other online Virtual Assistant Training courses (and let’s be clear there are lots out there!) and we focus on you as a business owner as well as your business fundamentals.  

As if that wasn’t enough, when you train with us, you have confidence that you are training with an established, respected, trainer whose mission is the same as yours and who has actually walked in the same shoes as you too.


Stepping out of the corporate world, there was so much to learn as a new business owner and the APVA Foundation Course was a perfect foundation for me.  A personal recommendation from the CEO of the Executive and Personal Assistants Association, set me off on my journey to explore more and I was really impressed by the professionalism, community support and quality of the course materials provided by APVA. 

The Foundation Course not only gave me the opportunity to learn at my own pace, but also provided a great foundation for my new business, ensuring that I had everything covered legally to set it up, provided me with some fantastic advice and guidance, the chance to build up relationships with established VAs and also inspired me to explore and implement new ideas. It really was a brilliant way to learn and the lifetime access means that I still refer back to the masterclasses and course materials to refresh my memory or when I feel I need some inspiration.

The investment on the Foundation Course was well worth every penny and I would highly recommend it.  You will be joining a supportive and collaborative community where you have the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with other successful VAs and build up long-lasting relationships.  Joining APVA as I was starting my journey to set up my business was transformational and definitely one on my best business decisions.

In the 3 years since I set up Enigmatic Business Solutions, my business has continued to go from strength to strength and I believe it is all down to having built up a great foundation in the first place. Moving from the corporate world to being a business owner was a huge step for me and one that was made so much easier by having APVA supporting and encouraging me on that transformational journey. In 2019, I won the Scottish PA Network’s “VA of the Year”. 

I am now proud to be an accredited Member of APVA, so my journey continues and I really enjoy the continued support, collaborative culture and opportunities to share ideas, experience and expertise.

Heather Warner

Enigmatic Business Solutions

I was fortunate enough to win a place on the APVA Nurture Programme after entering a competition at The Office Show 2018. As my business was (and still is) in its infancy, this was a tremendous bonus! I get 1:1 Skype meetings with my ‘buddy’ Nicola Slade – who’s fab, Q&A sessions, plus encouraging emails (with virtual hugs), the Masterclass and monthly packs full of materials and resources. It’s has been such a help when starting out, I can only thoroughly recommend both APVA and the Nurture Programme.

Nicola Workman

OMG I’ve just finished the Nurture Programme!!!
Thanks again Charlotte; this course has been invaluable to me and has definitely put me in a great position to fully launch as a VA which I’m soooo excited about.
2018 here I come!
Kat Sonson

Sonson Media

So what do we cover in the VA Foundation Course?

Module 1

Module 1: Understanding you, your passions and your BIG why.

Once you are clear on these things you’ll never struggle to motivate yourself again. You’ll love your work and understand what truly makes you tick! Boom!


Module 2

Module 2: Self-belief and confidence– how to escape employee mindset and become the CEO in your business.

The employee mindset will limit your potential. Your client is not the boss – you are. In module 2 you’ll crush the employee and release the inner CEO of your business.  

Module 3

Module 3: Your dream client– who they are, what they want and how to find them

Of course, everyone needs your VA services, but the best VAs know that when they’re more specific they’ll earn more and be more profitable. Not only that, they’ll do more of the work that they love so it doesn’t seem like work at all! Many graduates of our VA training program say that this module alone is worth the investment.


Module 4

Module 4: Your services, how to package them, and charging your worth

When you package your services correctly you’ll find that your clients respect your boundaries and you’ll love that they know your worth. The last thing you want is clients that drain you. This module shows you how to own your value.


Module 5

Module 5: Essential systems and tech to get you up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible.

You’re not just a VA, you’re a business owner. Systems enable you to work smartly, productively and happily. From time tracking to task management, at the end of this module, you’ll know what systems you need to use to launch your VA business.



Module 6

Module 6: Your must-have core business setup including legalities, insurance, and data protection requirements, including GDPR.

Many VAs miss this aspect or find that their alternative VA training options don’t give the most up to date information or even the correct information for the countries they’re working in! Don’t let this be you.


Module 7

Module 7: Branding, website, marketing and social media How to ensure you are visible and attractive online so that clients gravitate towards you.

Lots of VAs love this module as it shares how they can successfully increase their visibility online.


Module 8

Module 8: Networking and relationships– building your community and increasing opportunities.

No man is an island, and collaboration is one of the most exciting ways to launch your VA Business.


Module 9

Module 9: Survival through self-care and managing difficult situations.

Life gets tough at times, in this module, we’ll equip you, so you can deal with the difficult situations and still thrive. You’ll love the self-care strategies that help you be happier and confident in your VA business.



Module 10

Module 10: Joining all the dots – in the final module you’ll review everything you’ve achieved so far.

Then you’ll put together your action plan and start your business success journey.

Plus you get…

BONUS content - additional modules to help you maximise & grow safely beyond launch

Success path into & invitation to join membership upon completion of the course


Accountability – unlimited email access to an experienced and award-winning coach to help you as you progress

Graduate badge to demonstrate your success and achievement

Sign up to the VA Foundation Course & begin the journey towards freedom, flexibility and fulfilment!

I decided to sign up on the APVA Nurture course for guidance in setting up my VA business, and to clarify my own thoughts and concerns in moving forwards. The structure of the course seemed very clear and unambiguous, and I already knew from her facebook group, that Charlotte is friendly and approachable, with clear advice.
The course far exceeded my expectations. I found Charlotte to be extremely supportive and her approach in all of her advice was honest and open, with a real human quality to what she said.This meant a lot to me when training courses can often seem impersonable, low in content  when you go beyond the "sales spiel" and sometimes not necessarily specific to the VA industry.
The course is clearly structured, and very manageable in its components, so that you don't feel daunted by what you need to get through. In this way, I found it very do-able, particularly when faced with other commitments, either with children or with work pressures. It also doesn't last for months and months on end, so you actually move towards the purpose of your training quickly and efficiently, ie setting up your business! 
My overall feeling from the course was that I could succeed, and that there isn't a magic formula which one person has over another, other than hard work, determination and a clear structure in setting up  business. And this meant a lot to me, having battled for a long time with confidence issues.  Throughout the course, you are provided with support both from Charlotte, as well as an assigned buddy and monthly online group sessions where you can questions to help you as you move forward.  You belong to your own facebook group, where nothing is too stupid to ask, and where you are provided with a safe place to learn and practice the skills you might require or want to use when you start running your business.
In short, I cannot recommend the Nurture Programme highly enough. I consider it a fundamental investment to my business, and its value far outweighs its cost.
Claire Gabbey

Virtual Assistant

If you're wanting to go from a PA/EA position to become a VA where you want to continue to deliver a high standard and quality service then this is the right course for you. It will lead you down the route to becoming a business owner and not only thinking about getting work but what your long term goals are, why you are doing this and ensuring that you get the right balance for you working with the clients that you want to work with. This course exactly met what I wanted to achieve.

I had already started my VA business but I wanted to fill in a few gaps and needed the confidence boost this course gave me.  I've already recommended to a couple of PAs looking to make the leap!

Natalie Reeves

NJR VIrtual PA

After considering the transition from EA to VA it was a chance meeting with Charlotte at an EPAA event that led me to her as a trainer over any other!  Her style of training has really suited me. The dread of having so much to learn has been daunting - her humour and honesty within the masterclass has made the journey feel achievable.

If you are thinking of setting up a VA business, don't hesitate to book onto the training - this really is the best training I have done in a long time (not just as a potential VA!) and it is clear that Charlotte has thought about everything we would need to think about in order to be a successful VA! Thank you Charlotte!

I would also recommend 1:1 coaching to further support the learning if owning/running a business is completely new to you or if you are lacking in confidence.

Claire Grace, FEPAA

The Assistant Quarters

I am currently in the middle of the Nurture Programme with Charlotte & APVA.

I really can’t believe after the awfulness of being made redundant and trying to figure out what to do next that I am already where I am now – the support you get from this group is just amazing and I could not have done it without the Facebook group and all the resources you share.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Emma Davies

Emblem VA

I’ve known Charlotte a long time first as a work colleague and now as my coach and mentor. She completely gets me. She knows what makes me tick and how to motivate me. I always get the best out of our sessions. I cannot recommend Charlotte highly enough. She certainly knows her stuff and I’m already seeing results.

Zita Lewis

Helping You - Helping Your Business

I have recently completed the awesome VA Foundation Course with the Association of Professional Virtual Assistants.

I can whole heartedly recommend this course to anyone considering the transition from PA to VA.

The content is concise and engaging and the team are very responsive to any enquiries you may have.

You will feel fully supported and ultimately ready for your next entrepreneurship challenge.  

Jennifer Corcoran, FEPAA

My Super Connector

I very recently completed the APVA Nurture Course, having decided to resign from my full time post and ‘go‐it’ alone and am so glad that I signed up for the course.

I was recommended, by a former colleague, to look at The VA Hub and from there decided to join the APVA Nurture Programme. The modules cover such topics as how to understand your vision and find your ‘niche’, how to actually set up a business, give advice about networking and relationships and above all, how to be confident and believe in yourself. And the great thing is that all of the videos, tutorials, templates and other training material is yours to keep, forever!

Prior to joining the group, I really had little idea of how to go about setting up my own business – I knew I could do it but wasn’t really sure of how to do it. Charlotte is so good at listening, giving advice, praising and is never too busy to help you out whenever she can.

Since signing up for the course, I’ve attended EleVAte 2017, several networking sessions, Office 2018 and secured acquaintances with lots of other great VA’s, also members of the APVA Members Club & Nurture Programme, all of whom are so willing to help and give advice whenever you need it.

I’ve also found my ‘niche’ and am moving forward with setting up working primarily as a bookkeeper, which I’m absolutely loving!

So, thank you, Charlotte and all the APVA team, for your patience, advice, kindness and help in getting me up and running and giving me the confidence to ‘go do it’!

Andrea Williams

“Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.”

Norman Vincent Peale

Got questions about joining our programme? We’ll answer them!

I want to sign up, but I can’t pay in full – are there other options?

We understand that the course, although essential for your business success, is an investment.  That’s why we offer both pay in full options and pay monthly options to spread the cost and make things more manageable. Just contact us via email to discuss this further:

If I sign up for the course, can I defer starting?

The course is access anytime, so you can decide when you start, how much time you dedicate to completing it and when you finish, although we encourage you to spend around 3-6 months completing the materials.

I am not a PA – is this course still for me?

Of course!  We as an organisation and training academy support all people looking to set up VA and other online businesses.  VAs come from all kinds of backgrounds, it is what makes our industry so diverse!  The learnings are applicable no matter what your previous roles and experiences have been to date as we focus on offering support based on what you already know!

What happens at the end of the programme?

At the end of the programme, assuming you have completed all exercises and actions, you will invited to apply for APVA Membership for continued support and professional development.

Can I share the course with my friends?

We would love you to share with as many people as possible! 

How much time do I need to dedicate to completing the course?

The programme is designed to fit around your current work/life commitments – we estimate that you should need to spend no more than 2 hours per week on the course, although you can take the modules at your own pace.

How do I access the course materials?

Our course is delivered through a combination of emails, calls and our course platform, Simplero.

Do I need to submit assignments for marking?

Each module has a set of activities to complete, but there is no need for marking. We would encourage you to share your plans, assignments and tasks with your coach and in the Nurture Club Facebook group, where appropriate, to seek feedback and support from the group.