Accreditation for Virtual Assistants

You’ve started Your VA Business and You’re Not Standing Out From the Crowd Like You Thought You Would?

We bring together, support and champion VAs & freelancers and simply enable them to be the best that they can be.

If you want to be recognised as being one of the best VAs in the market, take your business to the next level and collaborate with a group of like-minded VA business owners, you are in the right place.

Being a VA is highly competitive in some circles. In fact, if you hang out with the wrong crowd you’ll quickly find that you resent your VA business and wish there was another business where you could utilise all your skills.

What if there was a way to change this situation? What if there was something that would enhance your reputation and help you grow your VA business?

Have you thought about VA accreditation?

When clients know that you’re an accredited VA they know you’re here to stay. There’s less pressure, as they have more confidence in you and your skills, and you’ll find that there’s a lot more respect for you.

VA Accreditation Changes Your Customers Perception of You (For The Better!)

There’s a lot of stigma associated with being a virtual assistant. Some clients think anyone with a PC can be a VA, others don’t know how to work with a VA at all, and there’s a lot of different skillsets in the VA industry as a whole. When you’re an accredited VA, your clients know that

  • You work to a specific, high standard
  • They know you’ve invested in yourself and your business so you’re serious about this.
  • They also know if they want to keep a VA as skilled and good as you, they’ll have to treat you like the business person.

Anyone can call themselves a VA. Few can call themselves an accredited VA.

Ask yourself – how do my clients perceive me? Am I professional, part of their team or am I treated differently? Accreditation makes the difference…

VA accreditation is a strict process. If anyone could do it, the VA industry wouldn’t have the turnover that it does. As a VA yourself, you might be wondering whether accreditation really will make you stand out.  Imagine you’re out business networking. You’ve sipping your tea and you notice every 3rd person in the room is a VA. There’s the Payroll VA, the admin VA, the techie VA… They’re chatting to the same people in the room as you are. They’re handing over their business cards to the same people that you are.

Only here’s the difference…

When the person sees your business card they notice your symbol of accreditation. They see that you’re accredited by the industry leader – APVA and they ask you about it. You share the process – working to industry standards, vetting, the strict criteria… and the person in front of you knows that you’re the VA for them.

 Sure the other VAs are nice people, and they’re probably great at their job, but you have something they don’t – accreditation to support your skills.

How is Accreditation Different From Being a Certified VA?

To be certified in anything, you will be assessed by someone with accreditation. A certified VA conforms to a specific set of standards. Accreditation is the next level – it’s 3rd party, external recognition (from us!) Imagine for a moment if you were networking with your mum (don’t laugh, it happens). She’s telling someone that you’re a brilliant, hardworking, highly-skilled VA. Do they believe her? She’s your mum. Of course, they don’t think she’s fibbing, they just think she has a vested interest in her daughter’s success. Her well-meaning conversation doesn’t have an authority with the person they’re talking too. And it’s the same when you say it. When you’re accredited by APVA, you have an industry influencer saying how good you are. There’s no doubt in their mind that you’re good because you’ve passed what other VAs don’t. VA Accreditation gives you an affordable way to stand out from the crowd, be recognised as an expert in the field and find clients that value you. 

APVA’s UK based Accreditation is the gold standard for VAs.

And it’s not just UK Virtual Assistants that love the APVA accreditation. International VAs love the prestige that is associated with  APVA brings them. Industry Accreditation isn’t a nice to have. In 2018 with another 10,000 VAs entering the marketplace from countries like India, the Philippines and other locations, make it a must-have. 

All of our memberships come with free accreditation...

I just wanted to say a huge thanks to APVA. I had my first session today with the gorgeous new retainer client that you introduced me to. Also, thanks to you I managed to get on a fabulous presentation skills course which was totally amazing.
Kathy Soulsby

Personally Virtual

As an associate it can sometimes be difficult getting your name out there and building your reputation as a reliable and valuable team member. I’ve found that APVA’s forum is a fantastic way of networking with other VA’s and I hope to gain plenty of connections from being a part of it.
Zita Lewis

The VA's VA

While I love being a VA, one of the down sides is the solitary nature of the role, being part of APVA enables you to link up with like-minded professional VAs who are proud of what we do. I am enjoying being part of both the Members Club and the Hub, picking up hints and tips and interacting with everyone. Both Charlotte and Amanda are hugely supportive and I am very much looking forward to being part of the journey for APVA. I have already recommended colleagues to the Hub and when Virtual Angels are in need of support, we won’t have to look very far to find great associates!
Nicola Slade

Virtual Angels

In the short time I have been a member, I’ve made MASSIVE leaps in my company progression. That has been down to the monthly call with other members and from being able to tap into the fantastic archive of past masterclasses. I am in other VA groups who are asking for a much larger investment to be part of their membership communities but their groups are nowhere near as valuable as what Charlotte has created with APVA.  have just won a new client thanks to the insight the membership group have given me. From my experience so far, I won’t be hesitating to renew my membership.
Lucy Messaritis

Nixon Executive Support