Everything You Need to Plan, Create & Launch your Passive Income Product and Gain More Freedom in Your Business!

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have MORE FREEDOM in your business?


To escape the time-for-money trap and position yourself as THE expert in your field?  


Maybe you have an idea for something but have absolutely no idea where to start?



If you answered yes to the above, then this programme is for you! 


Join me for this unique interactive online programme where you will discover:  

  • Exactly what passive income is and how it will help scale your business

  • How to create a digital product that wows your ideal client

  • Steps to build and automate your product so that it truly works for you

  • My must-have and personally used products, software and systems to help you along the way

  • My secret launch formula to make sure you have customers in line ready to buy

  • How to market your course to build revenue and increase your expert status.

  • What to do next!

1. PLANNING YOUR IDEA – Fail to plan and you plan to fail. We kick off by identifying your target market, brainstorming ideas, mapping out possible content and road-testing to ensure that what you have in mind will sell.

2. SYSTEMS, AUTOMATION & TECH – A truly passive income product needs some slick and seamless systems, integrations and automations supporting it. We’ll consider course platforms, creation software, autoresponders and payment gateways to ensure that once this is created, the hard work is done.

3. CREATING & BUILDING YOUR PRODUCT – From branding, content creation and editing – it’s time to get our hands dirty and set to actually building your product. 

4. THE BIG LAUNCH – Now you have your shiny new product, how are you going to tell the world about it? We’ll talk about promotions, pre-launch offers and how to ensure you launch with a bang!

5. MARKETING & UPSELLING – Let’s make sure that your passive income stream keeps flowing by nailing the marketing strategies, cross-sell and up-sell opportunities you should be considering.


“You become financially free when your passive income exceeds your expenses.”

Harv Eker


A word from Charlotte

“I love supporting people to grow profitable online businesses that support their lifestyles. Creating my first online digital product gave me a sense of freedom I never thought possible, and a way to earn from my expertise without trading time for money. Now, I am passionate about enabling other business owners to create digital products that can help them scale their businesses.”