Our Story

Wind the clock back to summer 2015 and a catch up with some great VAs at a pub in Paternoster Square.  As a group running our own successful businesses, we talked around our struggles to find great VA support to build our own teams and support us on our journeys.  “Wouldn’t it be great if we had somewhere where we could network, knowledge share and build a team with like-minded VAs who are serious about their businesses and do what they say then can do?”. Lightbulb Moment…

VIP VA Lightbulb Moment

“And wouldn’t it be great if we could showcase those VAs to the high performing business owners who are looking for that key support at a high level to grow their businesses too!?”

Fast-forward back to present day and here we are.  We have a great membership community, a long list of events and campaigns to elevate the industry, a gaggle of happy clients who have been introduced to our VA members and a coaching/training offering to help transform awesome PAs into awesome VAs.  

It has been a roller-coaster and a fast paced journey, but we are passionate about supporting new and existing VAs, challenging the status quo and driving the VA industry forward in the best way possible.

Meet Team VIP VA


Charlotte Wibberley

Charlotte Wibberley

CEO & Founder

6Charlotte Wibberley is an Online Business Manager enabling entrepreneurs and business owners to have the freedom to do what they do best and follow their passion.

Charlotte leapt into self-employment after having her son in 2012 starting her first online business, a multi-award winning VA business in 2013. This success enabled her to find her passion in supporting successful business owners with Automations & Funnels. She is an Infusionsoft Certified Partner & FB Ads Strategist. She loves helping clients achieve their goals through strategic advice and top notch implementation.

Charlotte also has over 6 years experience coaching and mentoring VAs looking to build their businesses, grow their teams and achieve their dreams. Seeing people grow and build successful businesses around their lifestyles is close to Charlotte’s heart: it is one of her passions and key purposes.

Outside of work Charlotte is mum to Alex, 7 and Evie, 5 who keep her busy and out of trouble! She also enjoys going to the gym and the rare date night with her fellow entrepreneurial husband, Andrew.

Sarah Banks

Sarah Banks

Chief of Everything

Sarah Banks is an Online Business Consultant based in Derbyshire.

She launched her VA business in 2014 after returning to work following the birth of her second daughter and realising that working for someone else wouldn’t give her the flexibility that she wanted around her family. Since then she has developed new skills and relaunched as an Online Business Consultant in 2019.

With a background in project management, as well as office management, Sarah provides a wide range of services to her client. She loves meeting new clients and making a difference to their worklife balance.

Sarah is also passionate about championing the VA industry, collaborating and supporting other VAs.

Gemma Pybus

Gemma Pybus

Marketing Manager

An Archaeology post-graduate with a passion for research and an eye for detail, Gemma has been working as a copywriter for the last decade, and started her own small but successful Social Media management business in 2013.  

Last year, Gemma became a Director of Digital Marketing Implementation Services, a training and implementation team who specialise in Search Engine Optimisation and Link Building.  

Gemma regularly carries out hands-on training sessions in Digital Marketing and Social Media Management for SMEs in Buckinghamshire, and is an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant (certified in September 2016).