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Being a part of our mastermind membership we will breakthrough your blocks, barriers and limiting beliefs so that you can:


Find your tribe


Learn Key Skills


Be Supported


Create Freedom


Grow Your Business


Learn From Experts

Ok, I know how brilliant this is, I just want to join!

Mastermind membership doors are now open!

Our Mastermind Membership is a MUST for you if:


Your business isn't making the money that you want it to


You want to serve your clients, but maintain your work/life balance


You want to access learning & coaching in an affordable way


You have clients, but don't know how to find more or the right ones


You want to be recognised as being an expert in your area


You want to collaborate, combat isolation & be supported by the RIGHT people as part of a community of people JUST LIKE YOU

Charlotte and the APVA have been fundamental to my business growth.

After discovering the organisation after 6 months of going solo, my business grew from strength to strength and I wouldn’t be where I was today without the help from Charlotte and the APVA community. I’d recommend for anyone who is serious about their VA business to check out the community and see the potential for themselves – you won’t regret it!

Leah Matthews

The Virtual Studio

Well, here is the good news, you’re in the right place! Our membership may just be your new best friend in business and in surviving entrepreneurship!  


When you join us we promise to:


  • Support you with every step of your business (and personal) journey

  • Provide a collaboration platform to network, knowledge share, and tap into each other’s expert skill-sets

  • Help you safely build your team through collaboration not competition – our members have an abundant mindset and know there’s enough for everyone.

  • Develop and grow with the guidance of our in-house experts and guest experts.

  • Accredit you and champion you. You’ll love that you’ll be able to attract business owners who realise the value of quality, standards and professionalism

  • You’ll love that there’s less negotiating over rates – your clients will know, recognise and value your expertise.


Mastermind Membership


Mastermind Membership for established UK & International online business owners.

– Perfect for established VAs who want to take things to the next level

– All of the membership perks mentioned above!

– Private community & support network

– Monthly expert masterclasses

– Group coaching & training

– Mastermind-members only events

I am often asked by new or aspiring VAs for my insight into how to get started and always suggest that, before they do anything else, to find APVA to connect with Charlotte and the amazing community she has created. I was introduced to APVA very early on in my VA journey and it made a profound impact on my business and general mindset over-night. Charlotte is head and shoulders above the rest of the pack in leading the way on transforming the VA industry and raising both the profile of VAs but also the standard that clients should expect. As a member, I am privileged to have even more access to Charlotte's laser-like business coaching, master-class tutorials on anything from GDPR through to imposter syndrome, there are client matching opportunities and incredible discounts on services, plus I get to chat, collaborate, share success and ask for guidance/support with some of the most inspiring, collaborative, intelligent and professional business owners I have ever encountered - I display my APVA Founding Members badge with pride and honour.

Lucy Messaritis

Founder, Nixon Executive Support

“It’s like I have found my  missing team from my corporate days – what would I do without this group of fabulous members??”

Our Membership gives you the ongoing support, accountability and development you need to move you forward, help you break through blocks, barriers and limiting beliefs to achieving the success you’ve dreamed of.  And the chance to network and collaborate with other extraordinary online business owners in our community – just like you. 

It’s what makes us so special.

Once you have submitted your application,  we’ll look into and assess the information you give to us –  before inviting you personally to join our amazing business community.

As a valued member you have access to:


Private Support Community


Key resources, templates & cheat sheets

Weekly Watercooler Hangouts


Buddying & Accountability


Regular training, business development and technical walk throughs



Advice, Mentoring & Coaching


Ongoing support, back up & professional development


Membership offers & discounts with our partners


Accreditation as a safe, professional online business owner


Invitations to Exclusive Member Only Events


The missing piece of your business!


When I started out on my VA journey my confidence was shakey and I wasn’t sure if I was doing things correctly, I then joined up with APVA and met Charlotte and she has been so amazing! She helped guide me on what I needed to do and think about with my business, and I joined her APVA Members Club where I have been welcomed with open arms by like-minded VA’s who help me every day!

Charlotte ran a video visibility challenge which I took part of and have gained a lot of confidence which I needed in and for my business.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Charlotte and her APVA services, she is fantastic.

Genavieve Fairbotham

NextGen Business Support

I found APVA just over two years ago and it was the best thing I have ever done for my business.

The members community is fantastic and gives me so much support but more than this the time that Charlotte dedicates to both her members and the general community is amazing.

I wouldn’t be where I am now in my business without APVA and would highly recommend getting involved to all VA’s whether they are starting out or established.

Sarah Banks

Banks Business Solutions

So what is the best bit?  You get ALL this value for JUST £35.00 locked in for the duration of your mastermind membership.

Mastermind Membership


Mastermind Membership for established UK & International online business owners.

– Perfect for established VAs who want to take things to the next level

– All of the membership perks mentioned above!

– Private community & support network

– Monthly expert masterclasses

– Group coaching & training

– Mastermind-members only events

Not ready for Mastermind quite yet? Why not apply to join as a standard member today!

What Our Members Are Saying…

‘Becoming an APVA Mastermind member has completely changed my business for the better. The accreditation criteria pushed me to get certain parts of my business operations up to standard very quickly and the continued support and advice you get from the team is second to none. In the six months I’ve been a member I’ve gained three new clients thanks to the introductions made by team APVA and the business profile I have on the APVA website. I wholeheartedly recommend applying to be a member if you’re ready to take the next step forward with your VA business’

Lisa Curtis

LVC Projects

I just wanted to say a huge thanks to APVA. I had my first session today with the gorgeous new retainer client that you introduced me to. Also, thanks to you I managed to get on a fabulous presentation skills course which was totally amazing.

Kathy Soulsby

Personally Virtual

‘I decided to join APVA Mastermind as I had been a VA for quite some time and felt a bit lost with where my business was going and really wanted to take it to the next level. Firstly, I LOVED the group straight away, it’s such a welcoming and friendly place to be. It’s the first place I go to when I need some advice or expertise with anything business and VA related, and it’s almost guaranteed there’s someone in there who can advise you. Best of all, after just a few months of being a mastermind member I am pleased to say I have now landed my ideal client and really feel like my business is heading in exactly the direction I want it to.’

Beccy Shellar

Full Stop Business Support

Charlotte has created a fantastic place for high quality VA’s to hang out and be part of a bigger team. Her members group is by far the biggest asset to her business, along with the other amazing value she gives, such as webinars, accreditation, and coaching.

I wouldn’t be where I am now without APVA, and highly recommend anyone wanting to be part of a high level team, gets involved now.

You want support and nurture? You’ve got it and a whole host more.

Sarah Small


Charlotte is a fantastic Business Coach and a driving force behind elevating standards in the Virtual Assistant industry. I’m thrilled to have become a fully accredited member of APVA and can’t thank her enough for her continued, invaluable support in helping me to build my virtual businesses. Charlotte’s APVA members’ group is fantastic community of inspirational Virtual Assistants, each with different backgrounds, skill-sets and personalities – it’s a great pool of knowledge and collaboration and life just wouldn’t be the same without it!

Suzanne Ekpenyong

Bilingual Solutions & YES Virtual Assistance

I just love love love being part of the APVA Members Club. I never really hang out in groups with other VAs, I just tend to do my own thing and network in groups where my clients are. However, I know that Charlotte and Amanda are the cream of the crop in the industry and so I knew I would be getting excellence and quality. The short time I have been a member, I’ve already been able to help VAs as an Associate in completing tasks they are stuck with and gained a new client referral. The private Facebook group is a massive bonus as it offers a place of support, question asking without judgement and also to support other VAs, veterans and newbies. If you are a VA, or thinking about it, then this is THE place to be for top quality support.

Kelly Cairns

The Tech Angel

Although I’ve previously declined to join any other VA organisations, when I heard that Amanda Slack and Charlotte Wibberley were setting up APVA, I decided that I wanted to be a part of it from the outset. The key thing for me is the excellent online peer support – the job can be quite solitary, working in a remote office and sometimes not seeing anyone for several days. Sometimes I also need guidance and advice from other VAs, both new and old, as to how to go about solving a particular issue, whether it’s technical or resource-related. Hopefully I’m able to help others myself too. It’s just great feeling part of a community that’s focused on quality and support. When I’m looking for new top class Associate VAs to join my team, APVA will be the first place I’ll search! I highly recommend APVA

Clare Clarke

CC Professional VA

While I love being a VA, one of the down sides is the solitary nature of the role, being part of APVA enables you to link up with like-minded professional VAs who are proud of what we do.

I am enjoying being part of both the Members Club and the Hub, picking up hints and tips and interacting with everyone. Both Charlotte and Amanda are hugely supportive and I am very much looking forward to being part of the journey for APVA.

I have already recommended colleagues to the Hub and when Virtual Angels are in need of support, we won’t have to look very far to find great associates!

Nicola Slade

Virtual Angels

Just a little insight to what APVA membership has given me. There is the contract and legal support, monthly expert masterclasses and  monthly hangouts where we see and support each other, pretty much a mastermind of awesome VAs on tap for support and stuff. When I was rushed into hospital recently, the members club jumped in and supported my business. At times where I have felt alone the club has been there to fully support me. All of this is additional to the client matching service, discounted insurance and a heap of other awesome stuff.  As a small business owner, this was the best decision I made, the contacts I have made here have already paid for a life time membership – so more than worth the investment!

Samantha Abbiss

Sharp Assistance

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say a HUGE thank you for all the help and support that you’ve shown me this year. It’s enabled me to confidently set up my business and I feel that I’ve been welcomed so warmly into your amazing community of online business owners. I really couldn’t have done it in the same way without you and your members and I really can’t imagine not having the APVA community behind me now.

You should be so proud of what you’re doing with APVA – it’s such a warm, collaborate, supportive and professional community and that feeling can only come from one place – the top.

Kitty Fairbairn

Aspen VA Services

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