Imposter Syndrome, Confidence and Escaping Employee Mindset
Webinar and Q&A

As a VA do you feel like you are an imposter in your business? Or even in your life?

Do you struggle to have the confidence to know and charge your worth?

Do you worry about not ‘living up to the hype’ or being as good as your competitors?

Do you actually view your clients as employers, and feel unable to get out of the employee mindset?

In our expert masterclass with the fabulous Rikke Hansen, we explore Imposter Syndrome, confidence dips and transitioning from employee to entrepreneur.

During this 60 minute webinar you’ll hear real life examples from other VAs and benefit from Rikke’s extensive experience in helping entrepreneurs to create businesses that they are passionate about.

Rikke takes you through some step by step actions and examples to help break the pattern and become the CEO in your business.