Infusionsoft Training

Looking to learn how to effectively use and maintain Infusionsoft within your or your clients’ businesses?

Great stuff – this course is for you. 

As an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant, and with years of experience using Infusionsoft in our own businesses, and supporting clients too, we work with businesses that also want to harness the power of Infusionsoft, support their clients and offer it as a premium service.


Join our 9 module expert training where we’ll show you how to implement, manage and maximise Infusionsoft.


Next intake goes live on 09 September 2019








So, why invest in joining our training?


Learn from an officially certified Infusionsoft Consultant

Harness the power of automation

Discover the essential core areas of Infusionsoft

Master a sought after & valued service

Charge a premium for your expertise

Learn from REAL people using Infusionsoft daily in their businesses right now...

BONUS Facebook support group when you sign up

BONUS Live Q&A call at the end of your modules

Learn Infusionsoft, help your clients, charge a premium for your services and create MORE FREEDOM in your business.

Interested?  So here is what we will be covering off:

Week 1

Overview of the infusionsoft interface & navigation

Week 2

Users, Branding Center & templates

Week 3

Contacts, Tags & CRM

Week 4

Email templates & broadcasts

Week 5

Campaign Builder

Week 6

E-commerce, orders & sales

Week 7

GDPR & Infusionsoft

Week 8

Referral Partner Centre

Week 9

Reporting & Growth

Got questions about our training? We’ll try to answer them here…

How much does the Introduction to Infusionsoft training cost?

The 9 week course plus FB support group is currently £575.00, however, this is set to increase next year given the immense value contained and the possible earning potential afterwards.

Is Infusionsoft really worth investing in?

We would only ever encourage you to invest in learning a skill or piece of software that you are actually interested in.  If you are a techno-phobe, this may not be the course for you. However, if you are keen to grow or add to your technical expertise, Infusionsoft is an amazing, niche piece of software that will showcase you as a true expert..

How does the course work?

The course runs over 10 weeks (the last week being a live Q&A session).  You have 9 modules, which will encompass 9 weekly video tutorials and an associated task each week.  Following the 9 weeks, you will have the entire library of training videos and materials at your fingertips to refer back to.

What are my realistic opportunities if I master Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft is widely used by small to medium sized business owners all over the world.  As an Infusionsoft expert you can expect to be able to charge between £40-70 per hour for your technical expertise, depending on your experience, however many charge much more than this.

If I start the course and change my mind, can I get a refund?

We want all our trainees to be happy, however, as this is a group training programme where you get instant access to a huge amount of content, we are unfortunately unable to give any refunds after purchase.  Please make sure you are 100% certain about joining the course prior to signing up.

It is a large investment – can I pay in instalments?

Yes absolutely!  We want to make the course accessible for all budgets, therefore you can choose to either pay in full or to spread the cost over three months.  

Check out our Training T&Cs here