How to Create a VA Business On Your Terms

Thursday 27 October, 12.00pm








I am thrilled to be co-hosting a FREE conversational webinar with the fabulous Annabel Kaye of KoffeeKlatch on How to Create a VA Business On Your Terms.

This bespoke and one-off webinar will take place on Thursday 27 October 2016 at 12.00pm.

Trust me, if you are working as a VA this is one not to be missed!

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Is your VA business thriving or striving?

You know all about the last minute demands, the erratic clients and the slow payers. It’s not quite as easy as it looks. Is it time to turn your VA business into a manageable business that can comfortably pay the bills?

Have you thought about taking on an Associate VA?

If you are already using associates to provide more extended client cover and skills, then you have worked out that all associates are not created equal. For every lovely VA who helps you out on holidays or with extra skills, there’s another one who seems only too happy to work directly for your clients and cut you out.

The VA lifestyle has another side to it…

The freedom that comes with having your own business and choosing your own hours, has another side. Juggling your availability and profitability with family and client needs is never easy. And when the clients pay slowly (or not at all) you start to lose your joy and your enthusiasm.

“Many VAs haven’t got a leg to stand on when things go wrong…”

It can be exhausting doing all that work with not enough to show for it. Are you ready to move beyond the one (wo)man band and start creating a VA business that works for you?

Ready to change gear?

If you are working hard, but need to get more results for all that effort, then this free conversational-style webinar is for you.

“If you don’t invest in your business, why should clients spend money with you?”

Along with Annabel, I will be sharing how to onboard your new clients, improve their customer journey (and your business experience!) and truly create a business on your terms.

Together we will be helping you discover how to:

  • quote clearly so that your clients know what to expect
  • on-board clients in a clear and documented way
  • issue contracts and terms without feeling awkward
  • manage a client that ventures outside of your basic agreement (and how to get them back on track again!)
  • take on associate VAs correctly when building your team
  • avoid your associate VAs working directly for your clients
  • and lots, lots more!


There will be some exclusive offers in the room for non-members plus some VERY special offers for existing members…

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About Annabel

Creating flexibility that doesn’t hurt. In these uncertain times we are going to need a lot of that. Employment law and HR specialist with a long standing passion for managing and contracting freelancers and handling tricky relationships at work. Consultant, professional speaker and advisor. Founded Irenicon in 1980 to find the workable space between employment law and relationships and founded KoffeeKlatch in 2009 to support freelancing, family working and the way we work today.


Charlotte Wibberley -Your Right Hand Woman / VIP VA Co-founder/directorAbout Charlotte

A trailblazer in the outsourcing world, Charlotte has set up and run three successful and award winning home-based business since having her son in 2012.  Supporting women in business with strategic planning, technical support and coaching, she is passionate about enabling mums to have it all and run passionate businesses that supports their full time roles as mums. CEO of VIP VA, Charlotte works with new and existing VAs to build and improve their businesses, and is currently on a mission to set industry standards and educate VAs and business owners alike around the true value and worth that they bring.