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The Ultimate Conference for Virtual Assistants, OBMs & freelancers


 24 September 2020

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Keeping Ahead of the Curve

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We’re back! And ready to rock the virtual room at our next EleVAte conference…

We are MEGA excited to be able to bring our conference for VAs, OBMs, Social Media experts and freelancers back in 2020! Following the success of our 2017 conference, and our multiple virtual summits over the last years, we couldn’t wait any longer to bring you amazing speakers, huge learning value, networking opportunities and to generally rock your online business!


Our 2020 conference will be focusing on Keeping Ahead of the Curve and will be a chance to look at the changing face of the industry and how freelancers can ensure they adapt and change to the needs of the clients.



Our fabulous confirmed speakers…

Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson Coaching

Find out more about Lisa

Lisa Johnson is a multi 6-figure business coach specialising in helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses using passive income from memberships and courses.

After a tough childhood spent in social housing, Lisa went on to have successful careers in law, banking and the entertainment industry. Her background in overcoming obstacles has helped mould her into a bold, straight talking coach, who is never afraid to be an authentic and outspoken truth teller.

She has spoken on the BBC’s Women’s Hour and is a Thrive Global Contributor. She has been featured in national newspapers and magazines including Psychologies, The Guardian and Red. A recent feature on Lisa in Forbes magazine garnered over a quarter of a million views in a week.

Lisa is a huge believer that everyone can become a success no matter their background and is known for her anti-bullying campaigning online.

Lisa lives in Hertfordshire, UK with her Husband and 7 year old twin sons but coaches around the globe.

Dan Knowlton

Dan Knowlton

Knowlton Marketing

Find out more about Dan
Dan is a UK-based Digital & Social Media Marketing expert & Keynote Speaker who’s grown Knowlton into a multi-award-winning business that’s worked with the likes of FIFA, Nestlé, Eurotunnel & Wahl.
Annabel Kaye

Annabel Kaye

Irenicon & Koffeeklatch

Find out more about Annabel

Annabel Kaye founded Irenicon (a specialist HR and employment law consultancy) in 1980. Since then she has helped thousands of business people work out how to contract and manage the people they pay in a way that is appropriate for their business. She supports micro entrepreneurs with systems and contracts and is running a number of dedicated GDPR support groups. She is a professional speaker and she is well known for combining common sense and humour when tackling compliance and legal subjects.

Annabel has spent almost 40 years helping growing businesses sort out how to balance the legal with getting things done. In 2009 she got really interested in the gig economy and how flexible working and outsourcing can hurt or work. She has spent the last 18 months helping micropreneurs get ready for GDPR and she is all too aware of how confusing and frightening it can be if you don’t have a clear place to start from. And if admin is really not your thing, this can be even worse.

Robin Waite

Robin Waite

Fearless Business

Find out more about Robin

Robin Waite is a bestselling author of five books and the founder of Fearless Business, a 12-Week Business Accelerator for service/client businesses.

From 18 years old until 22, Robin worked as a systems analyst for a medical device company. Putting systems into play, Robin increased e efficiency and decreased cost, helping to make the company 50% more profitable.

For the next decade, Robin ran a successful marketing agency, serving over 250 clients. He delivered workshops and masterclasses to over 1,000 business owners on subjects including marketing, product architecture, pricing, websites and more.

Now Robin helps other coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs, offering insights on Product Architecture, Pricing Your Products and Sales. With fearless goal setting and accountability, Robin’s program is turning dreams into reality for clients around the world helping them to double their income and more.

Emily Thorpe

Emily Thorpe

Happy Working Mum

Find out more about Emily

Emily Thorpe is a working mother of two boys. Having initially found motherhood to be a far cry from the ‘Mary Poppins’ version she had imagined, she has since found the perfect balance between work and motherhood, whilst also finding time to pursue her own dreams and be a role model to her children.

Emily is a qualified and dedicated coach and an inspirational speaker, who is passionate about transforming the lives of working women, helping them go from tired, stressed, overwhelmed and feeling guilty to relaxed, calm, balanced and in control.

Author of The working Mums 5-step Solution To Having It All, Emily offers talks, transformational workshops, online programmes and one to one coaching. She also runs programmes and workshops for companies, helping them to nurture and retain female staff with families, within their organisation.

Andy Lambert

Andy Lambert


Find out more about Robin

Andy Lambert has over ten years’ experience in creating markets, building businesses, and leadership roles in industry-leading SaaS organisations. Andy previously launched a US Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business into the UK. After the acquisition, he became one of the founding members of ContentCal: a Social Media Marketing SaaS product, where he is responsible for the overall growth of the company. Since launching in January 2017, ContentCal has grown 200% YoY and now used by over 25,000 companies in 140 countries.

EleVAte is based on our three core pillars:


Be part of a strong peer community

We promote collaboration and sharing of experiences in a supportive and fun  environment. Whether your experiences in business to date have made you laugh or cry (or both more likely) we’re firm believers that sharing and cementing relationships is the best way to help yourself and others towards success.  Coming together in person helps bridge the gap and takes the support to the next level.


Understand & develop yourself

.We help you understand and develop yourself – the most valuable asset in your business. We’ll give you the insight, techniques and time to let you think about who you are, how you work best, what makes you happy and why you’re doing this. We’ll talk about how to stay authentic and build your business based on your personal strengths and passions.  You won’t be for everyone, and that’s ok!


Generate authentic business growth

We aren’t ones for crazy promises or elaborate ‘earn £100K per month doing nothing’ quick fixes.. We discuss ways to grow your business in a way that’s personal to you.  We’ll help you move forward towards a sustainable business that gets you where you want to be and on your terms. Whether that’s by delegating, stopping the overwhelm, generating passive income, or something completely unique to you, we’ll have the right people to share your stories with.

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