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Webinars & Courses

Effective Delegation for VA Business Owners


Ever feel that as a VA Business owner you are great at being delegated to, but struggle with actually delegating your own workload?  I understand! It can be hard – we are built it seems to want to hold on to and do everything ourselves. But how can we ever grow if we don’t let go?

In this masterclass I’ll be talking you through:
– Why delegating is important, and not just for our clients
– How to delegate to grow your business
– The key to successful delegating
– What the impact of NOT delegating could be

GDPR: Why it is all about consent


Join VIP VA & Annabel Kaye to talk about the next steps of GDPR and why it is all about consent…

Annabel will be walking us through:
– What consent is & what does it mean
– How to you know if you have got it
– When you need it and when you don’t need it
– Mechanisms for gaining consent
– How GDPR sits alongside the current PECR rules!

GDPR: What you need to be doing now


Come and find out what you NEED to be doing now to be prepared for the GDPR changes next year.

The amazing Annabel Kaye joins us to walk us through the key points to note, actions to take and how to stay ahead of the game.

Money Laundering: What you need to know


Its the one many of you have been waiting for – to try clear through some of the muddiness of the AML regulations and what you really need to know.

The lovely Melody O’Donnell will be running us through a summary of the money laundering regulations, what activities fall under these and the procedures that need to be under taken. Essential learning for anyone providing bookeeping, invoicing and any financial activities for your clients.

Everything You Need to Know about Money in 30 minutes!


A much sought after topic for us as small business owners! Miss Lolly will take you through the essentials that you need to know in the world of:
– savings
– investing
– pensions
– tax and NI
– other company expenses and much much more!

She will also be addressing questions such as “How do you look after yourself as both the employer and employee in your business?” and “Do you really know what you should be saving each year to achieve your financial goals?”

A masterclass not to be missed!

Is Not Marketing Putting Your VA Business at Risk?


Are you full to capacity? Do you feel secure and safe with the clients that you have? No time for marketing?

I’ll be chatting through the importance of having a pipeline, no matter where you are at in your business, and sharing why ‘safe’ is never really safe.

Join me for this open discussion about the importance of marketing and tips and tricks that you can easily incorporate into your regular working week.

5 Steps to Doing Your Own PR as a VA


Do you want to be more visible to your potential clients & collaborators?

In this masterclass, Dina Behrman walks us through the 5 simple steps we can take to begin to create organic PR for our businesses and ourselves.

How to Get Clients in a Way that Feels Authentic


Come and join us for this amazing masterclass with the fabulous Catherine Watkin of Selling from the Heart (

Catherine works with heart-centred business owners who want great businesses but don’t want to compromise their integrity.

In this masterclass Catherine will share how you can get more clients saying “Yes Please!” to your VA services, in a way that feels authentic, comfortable and always in alignment with your values.

Taking Your Business from ME to WE


Are you struggling to keep on top of your business success? Are you unsure on how to grow your business without sacrificing more time? Do you want to grow but don’t know the first place to start.

All of this sounds so familiar right? We start out running our businesses as just us, but there comes a tipping point where you become the limiting factor in your business, and the exciting and terrifying time to grow arrives…

During this webinar I talk through:
– The signs that you need to think about growing
– The options you have to grow your business
– The best way to outsource
– How outsourcing and building a team can take things to a whole new level
– and much more!

Download and find out how you can grow your business positively and continue your journey to success!

Imposter Syndrome, Confidence & Escaping Employee Mindset


As a VA do you feel like you are an imposter in your business? Or even in your life?

Do you struggle to have the confidence to know and charge your worth?

Do you worry about not ‘living up to the hype’ or being as good as your competitors?

Do you actually view your clients as employers, and feel unable to get out of the employee mindset?

Then this Masterclass is for you!

Keyword Research Fundamentals


Have you spent time recently preparing content marketing material (like blogs, etc.) for your website in 2018?Have you invested time and effort making your website visually fabulous, but aren’t sure if the right people are finding you?

You could have the most interesting website out there, but without the Digital Marketing Foundations (Keyword Research, On-Page optimisation and Link Building), it’s likely that few people will be able to find you online if they don’t already know your business name and details. If that’s the case, all the time and effort you dedicate to your website and content could be wasted.

What if you could appear in the Search results on Google, Bing or Yahoo for search terms that don’t just contain your personal or business name?

Thankfully, with a little knowledge and some effort, you can compete with the business heavyweights online, and challenge them for a good position in the Search Engine Result Pages!

Join us and learn more in this one-hour masterclass from the Digital Marketing Implementation Services Team.

Infusionsoft Introduction for VAs


Calling all VAs with existing (or potential) clients who use Infusionsoft!  Join me for this introductory technical walkthrough of the powerhouse that is Infusionsoft.

I’ll be demonstrating how you can support your clients with some of the basic and essential tasks involved in managing their infusionsoft tool, including:
– Creating, applying tasks
– Creating/updating products
– Sending broadcasts
– Editing campaigns
– Client management

Up Your Game with the Right Tech & Tools


I’m chuffed to have the wonderful Francesca Geens of Digital Dragonfly with us to share her wisdom on how to really up your game using the right technology and tools in your VA business.

Francesca founded Digital Dragonfly in 2010 to specifically work with solo business owners to help them get the right technology in place to be able to do their best work. She loves simplifying, untangling and figuring out which tools are going to help her clients claim back their time, improve their workflows and have peace of mind making sure all their business data is secure.

In this masterclass, Francesca covers off:
– Essentials everyone needs to have in place
– Juggling clients – how to safely and efficiently share data
– Productivity hacks – planning, time management & useful tools/tips/tricks

Blogging to Boost Your Business


Join the amazing Sarah Arrow of Sarkemedia and I for our Expert Masterclass – Blogging to Boost Your Business.

Sarah is an absolute expert in this field and chats  to us around:
– Why you need a blog for your own business
– Creating your bio-persona
– How to reach your ideal client
– Her tried and tested formula for writing blogs simply and easily

WordPress Undressed


Join Matt Wall from SomeWhat Media as he talks us through the basics to managing your or your clients WordPress website.

Full of tips, tricks and hacks this is a must have to those starting out with WordPress.

WordPress Undressed


Join Matt Wall from SomeWhat Media as he talks us through the basics to managing your or your clients WordPress website.

Full of tips, tricks and hacks this is a must have to those starting out with WordPress.

Guides & Cheat Sheets

Create Your Killer Opt-In


An opt-in, or lead magnet is a key way that online businesses can build their list of interested contacts and therefore their wider sphere of potential customers.

Let us walk you through how to create a killer opt-in that will have your ideal client banging at your door!