Support to build and grow your virtual team from award winning outsourcing experts and business strategists.

“Do what you do best, and outsource the rest.”

Peter Drucker

Are you a Business Owner looking to start or grow your outsourced team?  

Are you looking for expert guidance to ensure you are not only outsourcing the right things at the right time, but that you are also working with the right people in the right way?

I have worked many Business Owners & VAs alike to build successful businesses and teams, so I am well placed to advise on what makes that relationship work from BOTH sides of the fence.

Tools, tips & support from an expert in the industry

In house or virtual consultancy to suit you

Successful outsourcing to grow your business

Rates from £700.00 per day*


Working with me, we can cover off:


  • Clarity on your why, your work/life balance and some tools/tips for juggling conflicting priorities.

  • An under the bonnet business review to ensure you are doing the right things.

  • A personalised strategy on what you should be outsourcing in your business and what you should be focussing on.

  • Guidance on how to build and structure your virtual team to grow your business and allow you to focus on your passion.

  • A crystal clear picture of your ideal outsourced team member, their skillsets, strengths and core values and what to ask when taking someone on.

  • Guidance on how to outsource, including contracts, legalities, data protection and insurance to ensure your business is in safe hands.

  • Top tips, tools and tricks to ensure your VA relationship goes as smoothly as possible.

Rates from £700.00 per day