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Although I’ve previously declined to join any other VA organisations, when I heard that Charlotte Wibberley was setting up the Association of Professional Virtual Assistants, I decided that I wanted to be a part of it from the outset. The key thing for me is the excellent online peer support – the job can be quite solitary, working in a remote office and sometimes not seeing anyone for several days. Sometimes I also need guidance and advice from other VAs, both new and old, as to how to go about solving a particular issue, whether it’s technical or resource-related. Hopefully, I’m able to help others myself too. It’s just great feeling part of a community that’s focused on quality and support. When I’m looking for new top-class Associate VAs to join my team, APVA will be the first place I’ll search! I highly recommend joining the Association of Professional Virtual Assistants.

Clare Clarke

CC Professional VA

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