APVA Member Heather Warner is Founder of Engimatic Business solutions, based in Dunfermline, Scotland’s newest city. She specialises in business admin and her key strength is problem solving. She has been in business for over 5 years after a 25 year career as an EA and Business Manager. We know that Heather has a lot of knowledge which is why we have asked her to share her top 5 tips for running a success VA business with us. 

As a  huge Disney fan I am always keen to implement some of the learning from Walt Disney into my business and work with clients – here are my Top 5 tips:

1 The secret of juggling many responsibilities is organisation – definitely key to the world of business to reduce overwhelm and make a plan to enhance decision making and move things forward.

2 Everyone needs deadlines – or nothing will ever get done and procrastination will set in and take over!!

3 It’s good to have a failure when you are young because it teaches you so much – everyone’s journey is different, it is absolutely fine to change course, make new decisions and do things differently. Learning from failure gives you an opportunity to reflect, make changes and often leads to greater success.

4 Ideas come from curiosity – some of my best ideas and problem-solving techniques come from studying, reading books and my lifelong learning journey. Life would be very boring, if it were not for my curiosity and appetite for remembering a huge collection of useless facts until, of course, someone needs to know something!!

5 Never get bored or cynical – you cannot change the past, but you do have a world full of opportunities in front of you and you can create something really special and unique – live for today and make the most of every opportunity even if you are scared initially, be the best version of yourself, have faith in your decision making and reach for the stars, the moon and in my case, my next trip to Disneyworld in Orlando!!

Heather Warner

Heather Warner

CEO, Enigmatic Business Solutions

Enigmatic Business Solutions

Heather is the Founder of Enigmatic Business Solutions, based in Dunfermline, Scotland’s newest city. As a business admin specialist, Heather’s key strength is problem solving and she loves working with clients on projects, strategy, research, processes and systems, planning and accountability. With a passion for lifelong learning, she is a keen reader – currently on a challenge to read 50 books this year! – and absolutely loves mentoring students through their degree programmes.