Anyone who’s in business knows, your end goal needs to be offering as much value as you can to your customers, especially when we are experiencing a cost of living crisis. Offer as much perceived value as you can, and your business will grow – but if they think what you’re offering isn’t valuable to them; they’ll not buy from you and your business may suffer.

Knowing this, you’ve obviously worked hard at building products and services that appeal to your ideal customer, products and services that can help them in some way, with specific issues and problems they have – so what else can you do to add even more value?

Here are ten easy strategies you can implement into your business, in order to create and offer even more value to your customers.

#1: Free recap download on blogs

You’ve already done the hard part, writing the actual blog post – so how about spending another 5-10 minutes creating a downloadable recap on the most important points within that post, and sharing them with your clients. 

#2: Free checklist/step list for blogs

This naturally works well with blog posts that contain action steps, how to’s and numerical lists – again, it will only take you another 5-10 minutes maximum, as you already have the information to hand.

#3: Create a video

Videos don’t have to be long, so why not look to create a how to video, a quick tip or share one of your favourite inspiring quotes with your customers?

#4: Run a Q&A clinic on Facebook or LinkedIn

This works really easy if you have your own Facebook group, but you can just as easily set up an event and invite your customers to it. You set a specific time and date, let your customers and potential customers know you are going to be available to answer any questions they have, then you show up and be available for them.

#5: Create your own Twitter hour

This similar to number 4, but on Twitter. You can then use a hashtag, to make it super-easy for you to spot any questions being asked.

#6: Offer free sessions to set amount of people

This is an oldie, but a goodie! Set aside a set amount of short appointment slots each week, to give away – for potential clients to ask questions and current clients to have your attention as a free bonus, to help them on burning issues etc.

#7: Create a group for your fans/clients

Creating a group on Facebook for your clients and fans gives you an easy way to be more available to them, without it costing them (or you) more money.

#8: Share other people’s offers (affiliate products – if relevant to your clients)

If you know of other people’s products or services that could potentially help your clients, don’t be afraid to share them. We worry it may encourage our clients to go elsewhere, but in reality, it shows you care and have their best interests at heart.

#9: Jump on a FB Live or create and Instagram Reel

FB live is a great way to go live on your mobile, from anywhere, as is Instagram TV. This gives you additional visibility and also enables your watchers to interact with you.

#10: Create a reading list or people to follow list

Another way to add additional value is to create lists of books to read and people to follow, that will ultimately help move your clients forward or cement in what you’re teaching them.

As you can see, creating additional value doesn’t have to mean investing more money – often, it’s a simple case of spending just a little extra time on existing work you’re creating or putting yourself out there more.

So here was my ten easy ways – now it’s over to you! What easy ways can you suggest, for offering your clients and customers more value? Why not leave your suggestions in the comments box below?