What you get out of APVA Membership, like any membership, is all about what you put in.

If you join the gym on a whim in January, and then don’t visit for 8 months, one of the only results that you’ll see is your bank balance reducing as the direct debit disappears every month!

Admittedly, APVA membership, even if you never actually login to your account, does mean that you are an accredited VA (as long as you meet all of the accreditation criteria in our application process) and are therefore able to use our APVA Accreditation logo on your website and marketing materials to show that you are a professional, responsible, and trusted business owner, so we’re already a step up on the unused gym membership!

However, many of our members have found that the true value of membership comes as a result of networking and collaboration with other APVA members in our Facebook community (and occasionally in real life too).  APVA founding member Gemma Pybus had this to say about her experience of membership.

When I started out with my freelance business, I had very few people I could turn to.  I met a local VA through a physical networking group, and she introduced me to the world of online networking for the VA community.  I joined APVA as soon as it launched, and soon found myself in one of the most supportive online communities out there! I’ve worked with dozens of VAs on an associate basis as a direct result of the collaborative environment that is nurtured by the APVA team, and count many of them as friends, despite the fact that I might not have met them all in person!

Whether you’ve got a burning question to ask, or just want to be witnessed and heard by a community of people who know what day-to-day working life is really like for you, the value I have got out of APVA membership goes far beyond what I have paid to be a member.”

As well as our online community (and, COVID-restriction permitting, our in-person get togethers), we also have a directory of our accredited VAs on our website that has proven extremely popular with business owners looking for VA support.  We’ve also got a library of useful masterclasses, email/letter templates and ‘cheat sheets’, each designed to help make your business life a little easier.

If you want to build your network of support, learn valuable new skills, gain exposure through our directory and get accredited as a safe, professional online business owner, why not apply to join APVA as a member now?

We’d love to have you with us as we continue to champion and celebrate the UK and global VA community. 

You can find out more information (and apply!) here: https://www.apva.org.uk/apva-membership/