Ever wonder what VAs dream about doing all day long?  Well, we’ve been hanging around the APVA members water cooler and eaves dropping on what their guilty VA pleasures are.  Read on for an authentic and honest look at what makes them happy!

**Spoiler alert – some really do love the jobs you hate!**

I 🧡 hardcore scheduling & diary management! Had forgotten how much, it’s been a bit pacey these last few days and that’s when I like it even more! I feel ALIVE … sad, but true

Diary untangling. Give me a 4-way clash and I’m happy as a pig in poo.

Mine is still building Infusionsoft campaigns – dragging and dropping, dropping and dragging, making things connect. Heaven.

Data entry, creating the spreadsheet and filling in the cells gives me a buzz.

Coming up with social media content that gets great engagement, usually out of nowhere!

Weeding out anomalies on a spreadsheet so it’s clean. A-Z, repeater, deleter, cleaner than a box a wipes!

Doesn’t matter what it is, but I LOVE fixing things!

I secretly love formatting documents – it’s very calming!

Fixing problems with WordPress and helping people who are finding it hard to use!

I too love a diary. Give me a list of meetings to get in and let me jiggle like a witch to make ‘em fit. And weirdly, I sometimes like a bit of copy typing. Not like hours. But for a brainless hour or two it can be very calming!!

Oh I love a big multi-destination trip with all the transfers, hotels, meetings etc!!!!!

Sitting on the floor surrounded by years (the more the better) of paperwork that needs filing and organising. Love it!

I’m a lover of some data analysis. Ooh and some sexy visual representations of that statistical analysis.

For me it’s creating systems and bringing order to disorder. I love a colour coded spreadsheet.

Creating social media strategies and content plans and anything to do with Canva… preferably designing ebooks! 😍