‘Spring time, fresh start’ – magazines and online articles are saturated with the old cliché at the moment, but it’s true, you can’t fail to notice that spring does feel transitional; and is the perfect time to start a VA business.

And it isn’t just the time of year – it is the current economic climate. There has never been a better time to launch your VA business.  If you have proven skills that can be easily transferred into the remote support sector, have a realistic understanding of the hard work and effort involved in obtaining new customers and working for yourself, and have the funds required to invest in the necessary Business Insurance, contracts, etc. that are required by any savvy business owner, now really is the perfect time to make the transition into a part time or full time Virtual Assistant. 

Our industry is growing at an impressive rate, and networks of experienced and supportive VAs are coming together to help each other – and new VAs – find increased success in the industry.  The Virtual Assistant field and way of working is unlike any other I have found when it comes to being supportive and collaborative; the VIP VA Hub – a free Facebook group that is our own platform for new, existing and aspiring VAs – is a great example of this, with members sharing their highs and lows, advice and personal development opportunities with others on a daily basis. Likewise, our mastermind community has created partnerships and opportunities through collaboration that have transformed peoples businesses.

The isolation of remote, home-based working can be hard sometimes without the camaraderie of colleagues, but a virtual support network helps to put you in touch with your peers so that you can ask questions or simply start a friendly conversation to reduce the occasional feelings of loneliness you may experience in your VA life.


Technologically, things have never been better for virtual and remote workers.  Broadband speeds and widespread Wi-Fi capability enable us to work efficiently even if we are located some distance away from our clients.  Security advances (like fingerprint and facial recognition, plus anti-virus software, etc.) have also helped to make it easier for us to work for others with a reduced risk of malicious or accidental loss of data – a must when you are dedicated to providing customers with the highest levels of care and support.


What else makes now the perfect time to start a VA business? The fact that VA training courses have been tried, tested and honed over the past few years as the industry has grown, making the quality of courses and relevance of subject matter better than ever! The skills of professional Virtual Assistants can be varied and far reaching, from more traditional PA/EA roles like Diary and Email Management and event planning, to marketing assistance (from Social Media Marketing to content creation from printed literature and newspaper articles). 

As a result, it’s worth ensuring that your skills in the area you’d like to specialise in are up to date so that you can compete with other specialists in the field in terms of quality and ability.  There are many courses out there that can help with the development of specific skills, but are you fully prepared for life as a self-employed VA business owner (especially if you have not run your own business in the past)? 

Our Nurture Programme is designed specifically to help people establish solid and successful VA businesses. We cover off a range of topics, from Self-Belief to Social Media, and from Branding to Legalities, Insurance and Data Protection Requirements but with the focus on ensuring you have the skills, knowledge and confidence to run a successful, flexible & profitable online business.  And one that serves you.


So if 2019 is the year for you to launch your VA business, why not do it with the help of VIP VA?

Whether you are looking for training, advice, support or accreditation, we’re here to help you launch a professional and successful VA business, and are happy to help!