Pondering on what the best way to market your VA business is?  We’ve all been there! You have the business setup, the know how and everything you need in place.  Now all you need is the clients…


Well, we’ve taken the guess work out of the equation and asked for marketing advice from 25 of our expert VAs in our APVA members community.  Here are their top tips for making marketing work for you:


  1. Be consistent. Whether it’s frequency of appearing visible or through material to build brand awareness and consistent message.” – Natalie Reeves, NJR Virtual PA.

  2. Think outside of the box.  Tried and tested ideas don’t necessarily guarantee results for everyone. Marketing styles should reflect who you are trying to reach and your brand style. Try a fresh approach to put your stamp on things and truly stand out.” – Charlotte Wibberley, Charlotte Wibberley Ltd

  3. Be yourself! People buy from people. It’s all about relationships.” – Kathy Soulsby, Personally Virtual.

  4. “Network! Get to know people and be helpful.  Making helpful introductions to others and being useful is rewarding of itself and ups your reputation.” Sarah Banks, Banks Business Solutions.

  5. Keep things crisp and to the point. We’re trying to appease the busy lives of busy businesses or individuals – they don’t have time to read reams, quick & snappy.” – Vicki Doudelle, The VA Bee.

  6. Don’t just broadcast! If you are going to the trouble of posting on social media you also need to make sure you are ‘social’ and engage with your followers, ideal clients and key influencers.”Claire Grace, The Assistant Quarters Ltd.

  7. “Consider allowing the marketing to reflect your personality a little! I love a bit of quirky, me.” – Gemma Pybus, Digital Marketing Implementation Services.

  8. Learn about SEO before anything – it’s so important.”Charlotte Lester, Charlotte’s Virtual Assistant.

  9. “Never be afraid to ask for help. Practise what you preach and outsource anything you aren’t sure about.” – Charlotte Wibberley, Charlotte Wibberley Ltd.

  10. “Build an avatar of your ideal client (which should always be who you *want* to work with, not who you *think* might need you) and then nail the conversation in their head & market with that wording.”Tiffany Wise, TWVA Limited.

  11. Don’t overthink things…just go for it and the rest will follow.” – Becky Bosman, Shining Star VA.

  12. “Simply be yourself – stay true to you.” – Jennie Bayliss, Office Wings.  

  13. “Be consistent with blogging- if you intend to do it once a month do it once a month not one month then forget about it for 2 months- if you are not engaging people will forget about you!” – Juliet McDermott, Your Digital Nomad.

  14. Know your working model and be confident with it. Half the time I secure clients is because I’m confident in my skills and approach as a VA.” – Della Matthews, I am Your PA.

  15. “Don’t feel you have to develop a ‘business voice’ – just talk to people as your natural self… you are who they would be working with.” – Allison Christie, Tick the List.

  16. Don’t join networking groups for the sake of it – be sure that your ideal client or other valuable connections are going to be there so you don’t waste money in the wrong places.” – Charlotte Wibberley, Charlotte Wibberley Ltd.

  17. “Believe in yourself and be confident. You are amazing, and brilliant at being a VA. Believe in yourself and others will too, and will be willing to buy into you.” – Tanya Kuhrt, The Office HQ.

  18. “Brand consistency is crucial. Ensure that your brand speaks your true personality and authenticity!” – Leah Layzell, The Virtual Studio.

  19. Be yourself – people work with people they like.  Be honest – don’t promise things you can’t do (it will stress you out and might cost you money!). Be visible – get out there and meet people. Be interested in what they have to say, rather than only talking about you & your business!” – Rose Donnelly, RED Virtual Solutions

  20. “It’s simple. Evaluate, learn, improve.” – Felicity Webb, The Virtual Assistant UK.

  21. Understand who you are marketing to (in as much detail as possible) and be clear on your proposition and how you solve your clients problems. You can’t market yourself effectively before knowing these things.” – Carly Stringer, Keystone Virtual.

  22. “Get to know people. Don’t sell to them. Understand what businesses might need. Understand how you can help them. Learn to be confident”.  – Sarah Small, A Digital Me.

  23. Be authentic – no point trying to be someone you’re not!” – Clare Clarke, CC Professional.

  24. ‘The biggest tip I’ve heard (given to me by my #GirlCrush Rikke Hansen) is to just be ‘me’. That’s what people buy into.” Lucy Messaritis, Nixon Executive Support.

  25. “Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.  You have to be visible for people to find you, whether through networking, social media posting, video or blogging. The first step is having the confidence to say who you are, what you do and how you can help.” Charlotte Wibberley, Charlotte Wibberley Ltd.


Marketing your VA business starts with knowing WHO you are marketing to…so if you are struggling it is time to work out your ideal client avatar and you will then find it so much easier to write content specifically for them!