Running a business and making it a successful one is, in part, down to having the belief in yourself and your abilities. You have to learn to trust yourself, your intuition and follow your dream.

We naturally look to those who are already where we want to be, wanting to learn from them and emulate what they do. This can give us huge insights into what we need to do to make our own success real – but it can also have a downside too.

What happens when you don’t believe in yourself?

When you DON’T have that total belief in yourself, you look outside for help and inspiration. You may want reassurance from a friend or insight from someone who’s been in business for a while. You may even use someone who’s already ahead of you as a measuring stick for how successful you are being – and therein can lie a huge potential hurdle to your success.

Instead of objectively looking and learning from them, we compare ourselves to them – and end up knocking our own success further away from our reach.

You may want what they have…

You see what they now have and you want some of that. It’s understandable, but you’re only seeing what they have as a result of all their previous (and ongoing) hard work. If you’re then comparing that to what you currently have – there WILL be a gap! This can then leave you feeling deflated, inadequate and even considering quitting altogether.

So how can you CONSTRUCTIVELY use someone else as a role model, WITHOUT getting disheartened?

Remember to get their whole story

Instead of looking at what they currently have, look at what it took for them to get there. Find the strategies, skills, tools and motivation that helped them along the way.

Look for a few role models and repeat the process. If possible, read their stories and study their journey.

Create your own success story

Create a mix that works for you. Emulate those things that appeal to you. Look to implement the mindset patterns AND the practical aspects too. Make your own plan so you can work towards creating your own success story.

Focus on getting clear

Focus on getting crystal clear on who you are and what you offer. Work to build a network of fans and potential people you’d like to have in your team.

Network with likeminded individuals

Whether you go online or do it in person, look to surround yourself with other, positive, likeminded, successful people.

Stop comparing yourself to others!

Finally, stop comparing yourself to others, even your role models! You are not them – you have your own unique mix of skills, mindset, beliefs, values and plans. You are unique – so stop comparing and start being YOU!

Do you have someone as a yardstick for your success? Maybe you’ve created a perfect role model from a mix of traits from several other people. Who’d you admire that sets the bar for you? Why not share your thoughts in the comments box below.