Are you feeling stuck and unsure of which way to turn, in order to move your business forward? Do you feel that your fledging business would be a great one, if only you could get enough money coming in to sustain it? Are your finances sporadic, as well as your clients?

When you first start out in business you have several needs – to be known, to get clients and to get the money coming in. It can feel like a never-ending cycle, as you need to be known, in order to get the clients and the money coming in – but you need money coming in to run your business WHILST you’re getting the clients in!

The reason you’re feeling stuck

It can become all too easy to make getting money in your driving focus and this can leave you feeling stuck and fearful.

Focusing on the money builds a sense of need into everything you do. This means it can be all too easy to come across as desperate for both clients and money – and this will be felt by the very people you are trying to attract, repelling them away from you and from the help they probably need.

So how can you stop feeling stuck? The answer is a simple one, but one we often find difficult to actually implement – stop focusing on the money! Here are some tips to help you change your focus.

Tip one: Switch your focus to that of giving value

When you’re focused on the money you’re coming from a place of need and self. Having money in itself, isn’t a bad thing, but when you’re totally focused on GETTING it, you’re not focused on GIVING.

Change your focus to giving value to your clients. Research what they need, ask them how you can help solve their biggest problems and ask them what they need, in order to move THEM forward. This will not only help change your focus but will also improve your relationships with others.

Tip two: Remind yourself of what you have to offer

Make a list of everything you have to offer others. Remind yourself of what you can do, what you can help with and the training you’ve completed. This will help you remember what your gifts are, how special you are and why you’re in business, especially when you’re only just starting out or only have a couple of clients.

Tip three: Show up every working day

What are your working hours? Take this working time seriously and show up – regardless of how few clients you currently have or how much money you are earning. If you don’t yet have clients, spend the time building on relationships and being seen online. Work on your sales pages and autoresponder emails, set aside time for free discovery calls and set the intension to have this space ready for when you DO have clients.

Tip four: Ease the strain

Finally, if money really is that much of an issue for you, look to ease that pressure and strain. Either get creative and offer one-off projects and prices for new clients or look to find a part-time job outside of your working schedule.

Remind yourself, this doesn’t mean your business is failing, it means you’re being super smart and taking the stress and worry off your shoulders – as well as relieving the pressure and need you may inadvertently be putting on potential clients.

What steps do you take, to ensure your focus is always on giving value and not on the finances? Have you a plan in place to get you through financially-tight months? Why not share your coping strategies and tips in the comments box below!