Motivation, it’s something we all have oodles of, at the onset of our goals, dreams and ambitions. However, over time, it can take a nosedive, especially if you’re working hard but not yet seeing a significant return on your investment.

We all need to keep our motivation at a steady to high rate, especially if you’re working on a long-term or slow-build goal – and this is where the more creative ways to get motivated can really boost your levels up!

Here are seven ideas you can implement, to help raise your motivation levels and keep you focused on your end goal.

#1: Create a book cover

If you have plans to write or create a book for your business, this is a good one for you. It doesn’t matter if that book is an eBook lead magnet, compilation of your best blog posts or a full-length novel, why not create a cover?

A creative VA can pull together a mock-up cover for you – a wrap-around (front, back and spine) one is even better. You can then use it to cover an old book with – instant visual motivation!

#2: Write a letter to yourself

This is a good one if you’re looking to overcome obstacles, step up into the bigger arena or stretch your comfort zone. Write a letter from your future self to your current self. Give yourself the advice you wish someone could give you, encourage yourself and illustrate how important it was for you to push forward, in order to reach your end goal.

#3: Write a letter from a fan

Similar to above, this gives you written motivation, but from another person’s viewpoint. They can be thanking you for the help or encouragement you gave, or how you’ve become a role model to them – the choice is yours!

#4: Create a vision board

This is one of the more popular creative ways to motivate yourself. Fill a cork noticeboard with images and words that inspire you, places you will go visit and things you want to manifest into your life.

#5: Create a phone reminder and/or screensaver

We are on our phones and laptops throughout the day – so why not create your own reminder and/or screensaver. You can use images to remind you of things you want to achieve (maybe use an image of your vision board), quotes to inspire you or affirmations to focus you.

#6: Print yourself a certificate

Want to win an award or excel at something? Why not create yourself a certificate to signify already achieving that desire? You could have ‘Winner’, ‘Best xxx’ or ‘Thanking you for services to xxx’. You could then frame it, hang it and have another great visual reminder at your disposal.

#7: Write yourself a cheque

Most of us are in business to make enough money to live on – so why not write yourself a cheque for that amount? This not only works as a creative and visual reminder of your goal, it also acts as an intention to the universe of what you wish to attract. You could go even further and create a template to write regular cheques to yourself – further exploring the Law of Attraction around money.

I hope you’ve found these creative ideas useful, at both helping you stay motivated and cementing in your intention around those goals. Why not share the more creative ideas you’ve used on yourself and your business, in the comments box below- and let’s help raise the motivation levels for others too?