Juggling running a business alongside kids?  Sometimes we working parents need that extra something. It could be energy, advice, support – and just sometimes, it can be that loving kick in the derriere!

Why do I say that? Well there’s a mind-set amongst working parents that we have to excel at everything or die trying! We are adept at piling up our to-do lists and increasing our working day to suit our workload – all on minimal hours (read that as zero hours) sleep, copious amounts of coffee and whilst sitting an incredibly grumpy, snotty and teething toddler on our hip.

We’re just all so busy juggling it all. We do, after all, have so many different ‘hats’ or ‘labels’ to wear on a daily basis. But we’re not superheroes! We try to do everything on our own and will often turn down or avoid asking for help, just to look capable, successful and ‘worthy’ – and all we end up feeling is deflated, exhausted and guilty.

So how can you get out of this guilt-filled cycle?

Remind yourself of what you’re creating and why

My guess is that you’re doing what you do, a) because you love it, b) you want to bring in your own consistent income and c) you’re doing it to benefit you AND your family in some way. So remind yourself of what you want and why you want it.

If you start to feel guilty in any way over what you have planned, acknowledge that guilt and work to find the real root cause. If it’s because you’re going against what’s authentic for you – make plans to bring it back into line with you. If you’re feeling guilty for other reasons – remind yourself of what you’re working towards and why – and keep reminding yourself on a regular basis.

Look to reap some of the rewards now

You’re creating something that will benefit you and your family – both short-term and long-term. It’s great to be focused on an end goal of x amount of money or working x amount of hours – just make sure you’re also allowing yourself to experience some of those benefits now too.

And if that involves getting in extra help or support, look to start implementing that now.

If you wanted flexibility around your childcare, look to implement it now. If that means having the school holiday’s off, start doing that. Obviously, finances may dictate that you can’t yet have them ALL off, so why not start with the half term breaks?

In the same vein, if you need to implement time away from the children, in order to focus on your work and bring in more income, look into it now. Work out a nursery, after-school club or childminder routine that will help make that a reality for you now.

Become who you need to become

Having your own business will take you on a massive growth journey, one of increased self-worth and confidence. It can be an exciting and productive trip – but it can also be a bumpy, painful ride at times.

So decide who you need to be, in order to make that journey as smooth, productive and enjoyable as possible. Learn to lean into that persona and expand on the qualities she needs to possess, in order to make your business goals a reality.

And I can guarantee, dropping the guilt is one of the things at the top of her list – so learn to leave your guilt at the office door and get on with creating the business of your (and your family’s) dreams.

What guilt are you going to be leaving at your office door? What action step can you implement now, in order to start reaping the benefits of your business, earlier? Why not share your intentions and cement in those commitments, by leaving a note in the comments box below!