Building your own business whilst working for someone else can be hard. You have to learn how to juggle both roles, as well as your ever-changing mind-set around each… and it can end up leaving you feeling tired and frustrated. If you’re looking to start your own business, whilst still being employed by someone else, here’s a simple plan to help you get up and running – without jeopardising your existing employment.

Build your client list

Take the opportunity, whilst you have regular income coming in, to start building your own client list. Offer to work with clients at a rate that is BOTH reasonable for you but is also a steal to your ideal clients – as you can upgrade your prices, once you’re up and running. It’s also a good idea to start building your own mailing list now too. It doesn’t have to be complex or difficult to set up. Have a simple opt-in download (an eBook or set of free videos etc.) that can really benefit your ideal clients* (*see the next step for details).

Set up a basic online presence

You can easily start to build a basic online presence in your spare time. Look to AT LEAST set up a free Facebook Business page.  Super easy to set up and gives you that foothold on the web.  When the time is right you can buy your company name as a domain URL (ideally, buy both .com and You can then install WordPress on it and start building your profile. If you want to use an opt-in to build your potential client list up, look to use MailChimp (free, or opt for the paid-for option to get the ability to schedule auto responder emails). I’d also suggest getting a Facebook business PAGE and Twitter profile set up in the same name. You can then start to interact and raise your profile.

Build a portfolio

When you’re carrying out work for your clients look to gather examples of your work (if relevant for the type of business you’re in), reviews and testimonials. You can create a separate page on your website to add these to. It doesn’t matter if that work is for voluntary or paid, start requesting these now!

Set aside working hours for your business

It can be especially difficult, when you’re working full-time for someone else, to dedicate time to your own business. However, getting regular working patterns in place now, will serve you further down the line.

Change your mind-set around your current employment

One of the most difficult things to master, when you want to strike out on your own, is your own mind-set. It can be easy to start resenting the employer you work for and the hours this takes you away from your own business. HOWEVER, your current employment status IS actually giving you a wage – one that ENABLES you to cover the essential expenses, whilst you’re setting up your own business – so be GRATEFUL for it.

Keep it legal

When you start earning money from your own business you MUST remember to stick to the legalities. Register your additional income and, if necessary, register as self-employed too. Keep an accurate record of your own business’s income and expenditure and, get the necessary insurances, contracts and data protection cover you need.

Don’t mix the two jobs!

Finally, don’t mix the two jobs together (unless permission has been given by your current employer). Keeping the two separate will enable you to keep your head and focus in the right place and with the right job, at the right times. Carrying out your own work during your employer’s time is a definite no-no! Follow this simple plan to get you up and running whilst in employment, and you’ll gradually be in a position to cut down your hours as an employee – and be on the road to being your own boss! What position are you currently in? Do you feel that these steps make it easier for you to head towards being your own boss or is it something that you are struggling to make a reality? Why not share your own thoughts and experiences in the comments box below?