Although Virtual Assistants and Remote Business Support Professionals have a diverse range of skills, a broad variety of experiences and live across the UK and the globe (from the Outer Hebrides to Devon, Bordeaux to Bogotá) we share some common character traits.  For a start, the life of the entrepreneur isn’t an easy one, so determination (occasionally crossing into the realms of stubbornness) is a characteristic that I see time and again in many of the freelance business owners I work with!

Something else that I see more in the Virtual Assistant community than I have in any other industry is collaboration, and the openness and willingness for our unique remote workforce to come together to work, share their skills and experiences, and support one another. 

The importance of determination and collaboration was clearly demonstrated to me recently when I took part in a marathon – the London MoonWalk – with a team of VIP VA members.  It takes a certain kind of person to agree to walk 26.2 miles overnight, in a bra, through the streets of London, so it was clear that we were a like-minded bunch from the outset! The collaborative nature of our small group was fantastic on the run up to the big event, despite our geographical distance from one another; we helped motivate each other through the training walks, and came together to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research charities that the event was for, raising over £1500 for a fabulous cause by coming together and sharing the highs, lows and humour of marathon training.

Collaboration was central to the four of us getting round the marathon circuit; we were working together to achieve a common goal – to cross the finish line – and it took every ounce of collaborative spirit to push onwards past the point where the half marathoners peeled off to their finish line! Team games (supplied by another key collaborator, honorary team member Kathy Soulsby, at regular intervals throughout the night), a bit of singing and dancing and a lot of shared humour helped to keep spirits high throughout the event, despite the epic 90-minute toilet queues!

Determination was another huge factor that pushed us all to the finish line, with every team member stubbornly refusing to call it a day any earlier than 26.2 miles, despite the general discomfort and exhaustion that set in after more than 24 hours on our feet.  And as I crossed the finish line with the VIP VA team of intrepid adventurers, I was struck by how their collaborative spirit and determination make them successful VA business owners, as well as marathon finishers; they are a team who work alongside a whole host of other VA and freelance business support professionals, as associates, mentors and friends, and are happy to share their advice and experiences with others.  They have already proven their determination in business by establishing successful VA businesses over the last few years, each with their own unique skillset.

 Just like a marathon, VA life isn’t smooth sailing, even when you have a mature VA business.  There are always challenges that pop up on the journey – admittedly, they might not be blisters, epic toilet queues, ambulance run-ins or the frustration of not being able to find a Pret Pretzel at 6am on a Sunday Morning – but with the support of our associates and peers, we can weather most of them and move ever closer to our business goals.  You might not get a medal with a Dolly Parton quote on though I’m afraid….

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