As our amazing industry of VAs, online business owners & freelancers grows, it makes sense that the number of membership associations & communities also increases.  

Indeed, we have seen a number come and go over our lifetime…But why is our membership community & mastermind as popular as it is?

Easy – our professional & dedicated members make it the most collaborative & supportive community for VAs out there.

Here they share with you why they think it rocks to be a VIP VA member:

1. Unparalleled support & knowledge

“Support from Charlotte and all the members, it’s awesome. With that comes the knowledge we share amongst each other, the tips & advice, the Trello board, the masterclasses and the overall collaborative effort we put in to driving VIP VAs mission. It’s great to feel part of something more than just “work”.”

Vicki Doudelle, The VA Bee

“People who ‘get’ my journey. A safe supportive place where I can ask, learn, moan and not be judged

Sarah Small, A Digital Me.

2.  Access to the best Associates!

“For me, given I’m building a team, it’s knowing that I have a trusted source to potentially recruit Associates from. Just as the Clients that approach you for matches, I want to make sure the people I entrust my Clients with are fully vetted, insured, compliant etc and also that they have the same drive for business as I do. Oh, and the GIF-offs rock …”

Tiffany Wise, TWVA Ltd.

3. Essential business advice

“While the community is the loveliest bit by a LONG way, for purely business reasons the push to get insurance in order to be a member in the first place is by far the best thing that could have happened to me…” 

Lucy Messaritis, Nixon Executive Support.


4.  Welcoming & collaborative community

“I haven’t been a member for very long and already feel like I fit in. There is a supportive and friendly environment in the group that allows you to be you and ask the questions you need to without feeling judged. There are opportunities to collaborate with fellow VAs who you know will be of a top standard, work hard and play hard.”

Genavieve Fairbotham, NextGen Virtual Assistant.

 The best bit is all of the members – prior to joining the membership community, I had struggled a little with the isolation that remote working naturally brings with it. Best. Group. Ever. Even if some of them don’t put a double space after full-stops 😂thanks everyone .”

Gemma Pybus, DMIS

5.  A truly safe space to share

The VIP VA membership club provides a safe place for its members to share, get advice and talk to other experienced VAs. Having a group of peers that can brainstorm ideas, collaborate and support me is a valuable resource that I couldn’t be without. 

Kathy Soulsby, Personally Virtual.

For me it’s about being me/being authentic within the Members’ group.
Outside I have to put my confident, ‘business’ face on and I can just be honest in here! I love the collaborative nature of the group – have had some invaluable support from Charlotte and really value the skills and experience of the other members, who have provided insight and really good advice when I’ve been faced with challenges. It’s so comforting to know that they understand what I’m going through, but equally can talk me up when I’m not feeling it! By getting to know other VAs in the group, it has helped me grow my business and some of them have been/are/will be associates who I trust to be 100% capable. And the laughs, of course, are much needed! 

Clare Clarke, CC Professional.

6. Personal Development

“Being a part of the VIP VA Members Club has given me the confidence in my abilities which I didn’t have before. I’ve gained new clients and with the help of VIP VA I’ve been able to finally find my niche.”

Sue Mitchell, Bluebell Business Services.

 Being in a safe space, with other people who get what we’re trying to do, begin able to be ‘real’ and ‘honest’ and not being judged, whether we have the worst day ever and want to give it all up, or we’ve smashed our targets and want to celebrate..”

Jennifer Chamberlin, My Bilingual VA.

7. All encompassing awesome support!

I love the support of the community, the collaboration and accountability with members who are on the same level as me. The masterclasses I’ve joined have been really useful in building my knowledge and confidence. I also love that I have a pool of experts in different fields, but with the same standards with set of (insurance, policies, data protection) and have already reached out to other members for my own business and recommended to clients too. 

Natalie Reeves, NJR Virtual PA

“Having a support network of people who understand me and will laugh at the crazy things that happen and cry with me when it all goes tits up! I know I can come here and get support with no judgement whatever is going on. Since joining I’ve also improved my business processes and systems, thanks to the collaboration and sharing via trello. Accreditation was the icing on the cake for me, I want to be able to stand out as a high quality expert VA and having accreditation does that. So much more I could say but this group is absolutely amazing and I know I have made ‘virtual’ friends for life.”

Sarah Banks, Banks Business Solutions.

“Camaraderie – A safe place to ask “Is it just me?” and realise nope, it’s not!
A place where I can have that water cooler chat without the fear of being unprofessional – no judgement here!
A place where I can access some a-mazing training and masterclasses – Rikke’s still pops in my head every day I think!
A place where I can ask techy questions and get great answers.
And a place where I can find associates I know will be on my wavelength, or pass on leads that are not for me etc too.
I found my peeps here!  

Allison Christie, Tick the List

Can we have a cheeky extra one from us??? Our members community get all of the above, plus monthly group coaching, access to killer templates & documents, offers & discounts PLUS the most amazing expert masterclasses every month ALL included in their membership.

You can find out more & explore how you can become a member HERE: