Of course we all know the importance of investing in ourselves and our businesses in terms of securing our future success and aiding our own personal & professional growth.

But when it comes to attending events, conferences, seminars, training – how do we know what is going to be best?

After the HUGE success of our inaugural EleVAte Conference in October 2017, we are following up with our EleVAte Virtual Conference on 14 June 2018 (and we couldn’t be any more excited!!!).

The theme of the event is all around Going for Growth, and encapsulates our mission to bring the industry together to collaborate, discuss, knowledge share and generally elevate our VA businesses (and ourselves) to the next level. The event is absolutely jam packed with great speakers, interactive sessions, oodles of relevant and exclusive content and fantastic opportunities to network as a community.  

So, why should OUR virtual summit be one of key events you invest in this year? We’ll tell you!

1. Get inspired

For our first virtual summit we have shamelessly gone for brilliant speakers who we know connect fantastically with their audience. We have seen each of them speak before, and we are so delighted to bring them together for this special day. Every speaker meets those personal and business values of VIPVA – they are passionate, knowledgeable and pretty damn entertaining. They love what they are talking about and will help not only inform you but critically also inspire you. We believe this extra ingredient is what will enable you to take real things forward from their talks into your business.

2.  Grow your business

We know from personal experience that taking a day out of income generating business to attend an event – whether virtual or physical – is a big decision.  You don’t have the luxury of being paid a corporate salary to doodle your way through a morning of mildly interesting presentations.  The reason for this day is therefore entirely focused around growing your business.  We want you to look back on June 14 2018 as the day that you heard That Thing that made you look at This Thing differently that resulted in All Of This. 

3. Be challenged

This will be a fun and informative day, but come expecting to feel some challenge on what you are doing today.  Those who know VIPVA know that we specialise in helping make good people and businesses brilliant. Even if you’re doing something well at the moment prepare for sessions that ask if you could be going even further, or doing even more. The great thing about a virtual session is that you don’t need to hide your panic when you realise you haven’t been doing something you should have been doing. Equally you can shout “YES!” when you have the lightbulb moment and start scribbling frantically away without everyone thinking you’ve lost the plot!

4. Invest in yourself

Because getting by isn’t good enough.  So many people start their business with investment in “learning the ropes” but over time neglect to continue to develop their business skills. The skills you learn on this day are deliberately different to a more technical “how to do advanced wordpress/mailchimp/powerpoint”. Those skills may or may not be important for the foundations of your client offering – but the skills we will be talking about will definitely be vital to the success of your overall business.

5. Be spoken to as a business owner by business owners

All of our speakers are business owners who have been through many of the things that you are staring at right now.  They are experts in the things they are going to talk about you with, but they are also successful business owners in their right.  They get it. The opportunities, the risks, the challenges in what they and you do. They also all understand and love what VAs do and believe in this.

I guess what I am saying is, there are so many reasons that we are excited about the virtual summit, and so much value that we know you can get from the amazing sessions that are being put together.