We’ve all seen business practices that push our buttons. Whether it’s the loud, brash, swearing entrepreneur that uses shock tactics to gain followers, or the ‘limited’ high priced access offers – that never really end and are quite obviously unlimited. We often get disappointed or discouraged, when these people seem to be raking in the money and building successful businesses, especially as they don’t seem to be doing it in an authentic, nice way. Because we too, want successful businesses – but we don’t want to resort to tactics that feel inauthentic.

In all honesty, it grates us because we just want to be nice – but is there room for ‘nice’ in business?

The importance of relationships in business

Relationships are the lifeblood of any business. Strong relationships transform you from being just another business, into the more personal arena of being a person, someone people know, like and trust, and dare I say it – a friend. It’s how you build a network of friends in your personal life, and it’s no different in business.

The pushy sales and brash sales techniques used by others may, in the short term, get them that influx of cash. However, in the long term, it isn’t helping them to build relationships. It’s the same with the loud, life-and-soul type of friends you may have met in the past. Yes, it’s initially attractive, but in time – it just gets all a bit too much. And business, as in your personal life, is built on relationships. If someone feels they’ve been misled or pushed into things they don’t want to do or buy something they don’t want to have, they’re not going to continue having a relationship with that person.

Honouring you and your unique traits

It’s about being authentic and honest. Your empathy, humour and personality are all important traits to have. The different facets that make up your personality, all combine in a unique way and, if you can share that combination with your clients, you’ll get the results you’re after in your business.

By sharing those traits and being authentic with everyone you interact with, you’re building genuine relationships. Your potential clients get to know the real you, they start to like and trust you, and they’ll appreciate how genuine you are. And, as we know, those kinds of relationships can’t be bought or pushed – but they’re what a successful business is built on.

People won’t remember what you did, just how you made them feel

When it comes to being memorable, how you made someone feel is something they’ll always remember. They may not remember what you did to make them feel that way, but they will remember the feeling. When people think of you and your business, they’ll remember if you were genuine, real, helpful and understanding – as you’ll have helped them to feel valued, worthwhile, encouraged, honest and respected. They’ll remember what it felt like, to do business with you, as well as how it felt once they’d made that decision.

And the main thing they’ll remember is that you were nice. They’ll remember how genuine and warm you were and they’ll want to spend their time and money with you – and that’s why nice guys ALWAYS finish first in business.

What are your thoughts around today’s post? Do you believe nice is the way to go, or do you believe that being nice leaves you feeling more vulnerable and overlooked? Why not share your thoughts in the comments box below!

Image © scanrail/DepositPhotos.com