ContentCal and VIP VA are very excited to announce their new partnership. This will enable VIP VA members to develop their social media offerings while aiding ContentCal in connecting with the small businesses that need them.

About VIP VA

VIP VA is the leading industry organisation in passionately championing, supporting, and nurturing high-performing VAs. Through their exclusive membership community, prestigious accreditation, and industry-leading training, VIP VA are ensuring that VAs are operating professionally, safely, and responsibly which is crucial for the businesses they work with. IPA They also provide a unique community for VAs to continue their professional development, support one another, and collaborate.


“Social media is one of the most sought after services from clients looking to work with VAs. ContentCal allows our VAs to not only schedule posts for their clients and themselves, but also gives the functionality of a planner to ensure they are one step ahead of the game.  We’re really excited to be partnering with ContentCal to deliver their amazing application to the fabulous VAs that need it!” – Charlotte

About ContentCal


ContentCal is, first of all, a social media planning and publishing tool. However, there’s much more to it than meets the eye…

  • Jot down your ideas. You don’t need to use the calendar just for scheduling content; feel free to add ideas to come back to later on.
  • Create different calendars for all of your clients or projects, if you wish.
  • Visualise all of your social media updates in a colour-coded calendar.
  • Connect your social networks including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram (Google+ and Pinterest coming very soon). Schedule your posts and ContentCal will auto-publish direct to your accounts.
  • Collaborate with other users by leaving notes and comments for easy collaboration.
  • Minimise risk. See a full audit trails for every update you add to your calendar allowing you to keep track of your content’s progress. Approval workflows also stop any unfinished or unapproved content from being published (a particularly useful feature for agencies).
  • Organise your marketing – this is one of the features that turns ContentCal from “ooh, I want this” to “give it to me now!” You don’t need to stick to just your social media channels; if you wish, you can add multiple custom channels to your calendar and begin to plan and visualise other activities like Blogs, Newsletters, Press Releases, and pretty much anything else.


“Since launching ContentCal at the end 2016, we’ve been supporting many VA’s across the country to simplify how they plan, organise and publish social media content. We used to be a social media agency ourselves, so we well know the number of spreadsheets and back-and-forth emails involved with creating quality content for clients. We are excited to work with VIP VA to help even more VA’s develop their social media offering for their clients.” – Andy


VIP VA and ContentCal are both delighted to introduce VAs, and small businesses, to a more efficient and streamlined process to simplify their social media strategy.