After 5 years in business, I don’t make big investments in my business often – which is how I know that Janet Murray’s Soulful PR Live event next week truly spoke to me when I saw it.


So just why I am taking the day away from my business and schlepping up to London?  I want to explain the three reasons I intend to grab the event with both hands and make the absolute most of it:

1. Development

Over the last few years in business I have learnt a lot.  Not just a lot, but a helluva lot.  A lot of the skills that I have gained have been self-taught, learnt on the journey or have been earned by doing things wrong!  It has taken time, energy and hard graft and I am proud of what I have achieved.  

BUT I am not too proud to admit when there is something I don’t know, or that I know someone else would be able to help me with.  

That is where Janet Murray and her live event come in.  I have a solid business, a great offering but my gap is around the promotion of it all.  So I am practicing what I preach, focusing on what I know and relying on another expert to help guide me through the current foggy areas.  

2. Accountability

I spend a lot of time planning, goal setting and mapping out the way forward both for myself and for my own clients and members.  I have that part down to a tee!  

BUT for me where this can fall down sometimes is when it comes to ACTUALLY doing it.   

So accountability is crucial.  By signing up to a day with a group of other buisness owners in the same boat as me I am publically sharing my intention to move forward with this and to be supported by the group. And of course to support others in return.   

3. Collaboration

The power of community is undeniable.  Like-minded people coming together to learn, share and advance is an incredibly powerful thing – and since all business is built on relationships, the networking and connection opportunities will be instrumental to all of there for creating the visibility and growth we are looking for.  

Running a business can be lonely at times, so building connections and being able to collaborate with others in the same boat isn’t a bonus, it is essential to the success of our businesses (not to mention our sanity…). So a huge part of this is about actually meeting the other delegates – and to begin building those connections (it is also why the Facebook group is amazing!).

There are obviously lots of other reasons that I am attending the event on Thursday, but for me these were the key elements that helped me decide to hit that Paypal button.

For anyone who wants to be kept up to date on the day as it goes, I’ll be on Instagram and Twitter and you can follow using the hashtag #YYIPR17.

Thanks for listening, and here is getting our 2018 visibility plans in place!

Charlotte x