Starting your own Virtual Assistant business is more than just making the decision to brand yourself as a VA and putting yourself out there. If you want to make that business a successful one, you need to get some VA training, prior to making the leap.

VA training is more than just learning about the skills needed – although that is an important part of the training. The training you take part in is going to give you so many more additional benefits – here’s the highlights.

A supportive community

 Working on your own can be both lonely and daunting. When you join a VA training programme, you get the practical skills to move your business forward, but you also get the emotional support needed too. The VA niche is a close-knit and supportive environment, built on collaboration, not competition. If you need help or support, there’s always someone in the community that can give you what you need.

Learn what does and doesn’t work

Another advantage of that supportive community, is the ability to learn from those that are ahead of you. There’s the opportunity to share your mistakes and wins – something that can be invaluable to other VAs.

Stay ahead of the game

The VA industry is a growing market. It’s also a fast paced one, so things are constantly changing and being updated. When you train with a reputable VA trainer, you’re going to stay ahead of the game, as these changes and growth areas will be shared to the training community as a whole.

Your VA training qualifications will make you stand out

It’s an undeniable benefit of training – the qualifications you earn, will make you stand out from the crowd. By taking the time to train, you’re illustrating your dedication to your chosen profession. You’ll also be ensuring that your clients know, they’re getting a quality service, by someone who knows what they’re doing!

Start as you mean to go on

When you embark on your VA training, you’re getting the very best help and support you need, to make your business a success. You’re also ensuring that you’re getting off on the right foot. When you initially start out, you’re not going to know everything you need to know, both as a VA and as a business owner. Committing to a VA training programme will give you the motivation and the backup, that you need.

You WILL earn more

VAs that have taken some form of official VA training, earn more than those who have no training. In fact, that difference in earnings is AT LEAST £6,000! The trainees on my programme also earn AT LEAST £2,000 more than other programme trainees… so I’ll let you do the maths!

If you’re ready to invest in your successful VA training and want to ensure you’re taking advantage of the additional earning potential available to you – check out the different training options available: Our training programmes and mentoring will give you all you need, to run your own successful VA business.

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