As with any other business, if you’re running a VA business, it pays to get yourself a great coach. Why? Because a coach or mentor can help you grow – both as an individual and as a business – plus they can help train you in the skills needed, to have a successful, healthy and thriving business of your own.

However, with so many ‘business’ coaches out there, it’s difficult to weed out those that offer a quality service, based on experience they’ve gleaned whilst running their own business, as opposed to those who have just decided to set up their first business as a coach or mentor to other business owners.

So how exactly, can you find a great coach or mentor, without ending up with a costly mistake on your hands?

1: Look at their testimonials

Start by taking a look at their advertised testimonials. If they’re established, finding testimonials on their website and generally, within your network, shouldn’t be a problem. Look to ascertain what types of business they work with, as well as the results those clients received.

2: How long have they been in business and how well do they know their market?

If you want a mentor or coach that is truly going to give you the help you need, they need to have at least 3 years’ experience behind them, to be able to truly assist you. This can be a mixture of running their own business and coaching others – but does mean avoiding any newbies!

3: Do you like them?

A coaching or mentoring relationship is based on trust and respect. You’ll go a long way to trusting them, if you actually like them and get on with them, in the first place! Building a relationship with your coach or mentor is the only way you’re going to get ahead in your business – it’s key to your overall success – so make sure you like them!

4: Are they authentic?

Do they walk their walk, as well as talk their talk? Take the time to thoroughly research their business activities, as well as their personal social media profiles, to get an accurate reflection of how authentic they are.

Do they stand by their values and do they show up personally and professionally?

Do they run their business in a way that syncs with your values? It’s no use signing up with a loud, brash and pushy coach, if you’re not happy with their language usage and marketing techniques. In the same vein, if they’re portraying a heart-based image, but filling their social media with drama and wild parties – best to step away now.

Authenticity is a big thing for me!

5: Will they push you past your own boundaries?

Finally, it’s important that your chosen coach or mentor will push you past your own boundaries, even when you’re afraid to go there yourself. If you want to grow, it’s going to be uncomfortable, as you’re stretching your existing comfort zone. You’ll therefore need a coach that can help you grow, in a way that makes you inspired to act, as opposed to dreading each step.

The perfect coach or mentor for you, is one that both inspires you to grow, whilst also setting a great example of how you want your business to be.

They’ll have a great track record in your area or niche, as well as a bank of testimonials of their successes to back up that record and finally, you’ll like them and how they run their business. Enough to listen and implement the advice they give you, so you can grow and flourish, as a business and an individual.

If you want to talk about how Charlotte and VIP VA can support you with coaching or training, please do get in touch.  We would love to hear from you and help you with your journey.

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