We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’, and nowhere is it more relevant, than that of the business world. All businesses need to niche, in order to stand out. It also helps to highlight their expertise and get them seen as the ‘go-to’ person for that particular thing. So, it’s understandable that I get a bit riled then, when I see VAs trying to be a Jack, rather than a master!

VAs need to be niched experts too

VAs are experts in particular niched fields too. Whether they specialise in social media or presentations, VAs should be niched and be clear on what those niches are. So why then, do so many feel, and advertise themselves, as someone who can solve everything a business owner needs, to take their business forward? Why do they feel that it’s acceptable to jump on a post that’s asking for VA recommendations, with a steadfast ‘I can help’, without actually knowing what help or skillset that business owner is looking to fulfil?!

If you want to become seen as a master or VIP VA, you need to know your niche – and you need to make sure you’re promoting yourself as an expert in that niche too.

Your niche has a big impact on your advertising efforts

If you’re unclear on your niche, your advertising is always going to be off the mark and too generalised. Knowing your niche will help make advertising and promotion easier for you. You’ll be able to be focused and clear on your message and who you want to work with.

Clients want the best from you

Often, when we try to be a Jack of all trades, we end up giving our clients an inferior experience and an inferior service. We try being good at everything and, instead of wowing our clients, we end up giving them substandard work. Do your clients a favour, and focus on what you’re great at – and wow them with that.

You end up doing yourself a disservice, if you avoid niching

The problem with being a Jack of all trades, is you give yourself more stress. You end up spreading yourself too thin, doing jobs you don’t particularly like, want or need, in an effort to be seen as the go-to, solve everything, generalised VA. Why not honour how great you are at your niche services, and totally own them and yourself, in the process?

Charge what you’re worth

When you’re clear on your niche and how you specifically can help a client, you can charge what you’re truly worth. A generalised VA will only ever be able to set fees at the lower end of the market – because her value isn’t clear. However, if you’re seen as the VA who focuses on marketing or social media, for example, you’ll be able to command (and successfully get), a higher rate.

If you want to set yourself apart from the other VAs in this industry, the best way to do so, is to niche. Only then, will you be able to stand out as a true VIP VA, that’s offering a quality service and being the best she can be for herself, her business and her clients.

If you’d like help getting clear on your niche and grow your VA business to that VIP VA status, check out the different training options we have available for you:  https://apva.org.uk/become-a-va/

Image courtesy of mirexonline/DepositPhotos.com