Working for yourself can be incredibly rewarding, that’s why so many people are now opting to set up their own businesses. However, if your business is growing at a healthy rate, you’ll inevitably end up getting incredibly busy too – leaving you feeling overworked and overwhelmed.

It’s at this stage where it makes sense to start outsourcing. You’re earning enough to cover the investment and having an extra pair of hands will help lighten your load.

However, it’s also at this point where some business owners end up stunting their own business growth, by proclaiming that they’re too busy to outsource! They reason that they’d love to outsource – if they only had the time to show someone the ropes, or if they could take the time out of their busy day to find a suitable VA to outsource to.

The problem is, you need to outsource, in order to expand your business further. You’re not superwoman and can’t do everything yourself. So, if you’re using the ‘too busy’ excuse to avoid outsourcing, you need to start being honest with yourself.

What’s your real reason?

If outsourcing is the answer to your ‘too busy’ problem – what’s the real reason behind not wanted to get it sorted? Are you addicted to being busy or don’t you want to give up control? Maybe you’re worried about the stress of getting a bigger business or have issues with trusting someone else with your baby? Does not knowing what to outsource or where to get started, hold you back? Ask yourself if you’re ready to run a business and take it seriously. Is it what you want or would you rather keep it as a hobby? Be honest with yourself and identify what the real issue is.

What are you gaining from not outsourcing?

A common reason why we avoid finding a solution to a problem we have, is simply because we’re gaining too much from having the problem! It could be that you’re avoiding something bigger or more personal, such as taking responsibility, Maybe you’re finding the ‘too busy’ excuse gives you a perfect get out of jail card for other commitments? Are you worried your business may get too big – and this excuse is keeping you in your comfort zone?  What are you not facing and what are you gaining, by keeping things as busy as they are?

Get clear on the benefits you’ll gain from outsourcing

Once you’ve identified your core issues and fears, you can turn the focus onto what can be gained from outsourcing. What will you be able to do, as a result? What can you finally stop doing? Remind yourself that outsourcing gives you the opportunity and time to enhance your skillset and focus on what you really love about business.

Take action

Once you’ve looked at why you’re avoiding it and what the benefits of outsourcing will get you, it’s time to take action. This will be uncomfortable to start with, as it’s stretching you outside of your comfort zone, so be gentle, yet firm with yourself.

Set the intention to get this sorted. Show your commitment, by reaching out to your contacts and asking for recommendations. Then ramp up that commitment further, by blocking aside some time in your diary to look into those recommendations and narrow down your selection.

Taking action is the only way you’re going to move forward and end this time issue. So, set the intention, reach out and block aside a chunk of time in your diary – then focus on the benefits you’re going to gain, as a result! Why not ramp up your intent now – by leaving your next action step, in the comments box below!

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