Working from home takes discipline and focus. You want to spend time with your children and family, but you also want to build a thriving, growing business – and that can sometimes feel like a constant juggling act.

However, if you want to achieve a great balance between your home and business life, you need to give both areas the respect and focus they need. With your family and home life, this means being fully present with them and not letting business encroach into your family time – but how can you treat your business with that same respect?

Stick to dedicated working hours

Your business deserves commitment and this means getting clear on the hours you work. Not only does this help you to separate work from pleasure, it also builds routine and habit into your day – helping your body and mind know when to be creative and focused, and when to switch off.

Invest in the tools and equipment you and your business need

This is one of the most common reasons why many small businesses don’t thrive and grow. They resist spending time and money on the tools and equipment they need – keeping their business stuck and their options limited. All businesses need certain things to succeed – whether it’s the latest software or training on how to use it effectively.

But investing doesn’t just mean looking the tools and equipment side of things. What do you need to grow and flourish, as a business owner? Do you need help overcoming blocks or dealing with your finances? Maybe you need help getting to grips with the business side of your business or would like a mentor to help you move forward, faster? If you’re resisting investing in yourself, you’re not respecting your business or yourself. Look at what you need to move forward and invest in it.

Honouring your skills and outsourcing the rest

One of the simplest, yet most effective ways to respect your business, is to do what you do best. If you’re coming from a place of joy and creativity, both you and your business will flourish.

But many of us tend to get stuck doing the things we dislike in business – leading to a dip in energy and a drain on our time. We spend valuable time getting to grips with tools, equipment and even offering services, that we’re not interested in or passionate about, as a means to saving money or saving face. So, the simplest way to honour your business, is to start being you – and outsource everything else.

Your business deserves the best you can provide – whether that’s in terms of tools and equipment, time, focus and energy, creativity or finances. So, what do you need to do and implement, in order to respect your business and yourself? Do you need to hire a mentor or coach? What equipment and tools do you need to invest in and what can you start outsourcing? Why not share your intentions and plans, in the comments box below!

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