VIP VA Member Zita Lewis shares her journey with us and explains that having a safe and supportive community is key to your success.

“I started off my journey in the VA world as an associate; and have now built my own standalone VA business.

When I was just 16 I started a Saturday job in a local toy shop. I loved working in there, although Christmas was always an eye opener! I thoroughly enjoyed working within the hub of the business and knew from that point on that one day I wanted my own thriving business.

I managed to secure a job within the local council as an Officer Junior, learning the ropes and supporting the numerous different managers. I was put through my RSA Typing Exams and an NVQ in Customer Care.  After 6 fantastic years I felt I needed to move on to pastures new.  In my time there I’d made my way up to Typist and Maintenance Administrator.

I then became a Library Software Support Administrator. I knew nothing about software or disc copying or anything.  In my 6 years, there I worked my way up to Office Manager, in charge of 3 staff members.

I then had a brief step into the world of TV.  Working for a small local production company and for a transport company as the Managing Director’s PA, before leaving to have my 2 girls.

I knew that now was indeed the time to take this pipe dream of owning my own business, and make it into a reality. Following a few initial teething problems and with my strong and supportive network of friends and family, I knew that working for myself was my goal.

Shortly after I was approached by an ex colleague to perform some administrative tasks for them.  Now became my juggling act, juggling associate work, with working part time and planning my business.  Although newly launched I have been in administration for over 20 years and I know my stuff.  In fact, I even built my own website.

I did what most people do and googled just what to do next. After a few clicks, I found the VIP VA team. A team of highly passionate individuals who are all about building each other up, supporting one another and above all raising the industry standards. We aren’t office juniors, we are experienced and qualified business owners, if you want our expertise then you must be prepared to pay for them! I had chatted to the director of VIP VA numerous times and had a strong relationship with her. When her summer deal for membership came up I jumped at the chance to become part of this elite team of VAs who are all passionate about the industry and their business.

The member’s hangouts are great! Consisting of a group coaching call over Skype so we can all see the faces behind the Facebook profiles as well as bounce ideas off each other and offer much needed insight and support! The Members Club is a private group set up by VIP VA.  It’s an incredibly safe place for us all to share our problems, successes and ask for advice. It really is a great group of VAs who have proven that with a bit of hard work and passion you really can make your dream a reality.

The brand-new Nurture Membership is brilliant for all new VAs who are looking for support within their first year of business. Newbies are matched with an experienced VA in a buddying capacity, receive 6 months worth of coaching support from Charlotte as well as access to her fabulous online course too.  Few places give you that kind of support! You never know, you could be lucky and be matched with me!”

Zita Lewis, Helping You – Helping Your Business

If you want to find out more about being part of our thriving VIP VA community, get in touch or book in for a free call and take the first steps to freedom, flexibility and fulfilment in your business.